Friday, September 25, 2009

What Would You Choose?

Laptop I live on my laptop.  I’m on it first thing in the morning, right before I go to bed, and off and on most of the day in between too.  Considering my blogging, school, email and writing, not to mention Twitter and Facebook and you have to figure, I’m on it constantly.  The only time I’m not, is when I’m at work. 

When I’m away from my laptop, my BlackBerry is my bestBlackBerry Clip Art friend.  Even when I’m on my laptop my Blackberry holds a special place in my heart.  It’s not only a mini computer, it’s a camera, mp3 player, and oh yeah, a phone as well.  Not to mention my favorite feature, the simple but effective text message. 

SpeakingiPod Clip Art of special places in my heart and mp3 players, my iPod is always close by.  I listen to audiobooks religiously on it, watch my favorite movies and TV episodes, and of course jam out to music as well.  Also, if I get caught in a long line somewhere, I have Yahtzee to occupy my time.

What is my point to all this rambling?  Don’t worry, I have one.  The hubs and I were talking the other day about if we had to give up all but one “recent” techno device (so not like the TV, the microwave or electricity, etc) which one would you keep?  Without hesitation he said, laptop. 

For me I had to debate for a minute, it came down to my BlackBerry and my laptop, but in the end my laptop won.  My life runs through my laptop, literally, (to be fair it doesGirl Making a Choice through my BlackBerry too, but I could survive with just one if I absolutley had to).  The bottom line is, I simply cannot imagine living without a computer, although last year I had to.  It crashed and was not repairable, eventually I was able to get a new one (thanks Grandma), but the months I had to endure without, were not fun.  Thank God I wasn’t going to online school at the time because that would have been, ugh (shiver), I don’t even want to think about that nightmare.

Question Mark Clip Art And so I now pose this question to you, if you had to give up all but one “recent” techno device, laptop, cell, mp3 player, digital camera/video camera, etc., which one would you keep and why?  Just a random little question to spark some interesting thought.  :)


MamaOtwins+1 said...

Like you, I am having to debate which one I would choose - my blackberry or my computer. Because my business is all about the phone - I'd have to go with my blackberry.

nettagyrl said...

Hi! This is an easy choice. It'd be my laptop. I don't own a blackberry but even if I did, it still be my laptop. =D

I had no internet access once and I almost cried in frustration. I was like a junkie who needed her 'net fix. lol but in all seriousness, I write a lot and have written more words in the past year than in the last 10 years combined.

Angela said...

MamaOtwins+1- I totally understand your decision! :)

Nettagyrl-Sad day with no internet access! I probably would've ended up in a mental institution! :)

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