Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What makes a scary movie scary?

Boo Spider Clip Art Do you like to be scared? I LOVE to be scared -- in the comfort of my home or a movie theater when there is actually no real threat present.  Unfortunately, horror movies are a huge gamble, because I have found, more often than not, they aren’t actually scary, but instead either gory, lame, or both.  So, keeping this in mind, what makes a scary movie scary?  I guess a better way to ask this very subjective question is, what scares you?

This weekend the hubs and I watched “The Last House on the Left.” The Last House on the Left It was a suspenseful movie, it was a gory movie, but a scary movie?   Not so much scary, but more like disturbing.  Honestly ghosts and the supernatural are more scary to me (usually) than movies about serial killers, or just plain sociopathic killers are.  This is where the subjective part of the question comes into play. 

For me, while movies about crazed killers can be suspenseful and certainly make you jump, the movies that tend to stick with me and have a long lasting heebie jeebie affect on me, are those about other-worldly things.  It’s kind of ironic, things that aren’t considered by and large as “real” are more frightening to me, than very real murderers or rapists etc.  Maybe the reason why the supernatural is scarier to me is because I believe it is very much real, or at the very least CAN be real. 

The Others Clip Art Ideally I prefer movies like “The Others” just a good solid story that can really creep you out!  There’s no gore, no violence (really), and not even any cussing for that matter.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind a swear word or ten, as quite frankly, I’ve been known to talk like a sailor myself if the situation permits, or even if it doesn’t. :)  But the point is, that gore and excessive use of the F-word by themselves, do not a scary movie make.

Over the weekend I came across “Night of the Living Dead” circa 1990.  Honestly, it made me laugh that at anNight of the Living Deady point this movie was considered horror, as not only was it NOT scary, but rather, it was quite hilarious!  I’m sure back then, given what special effects were capable of, it was the cream of the crop in that moment.  However, this is where I would make my argument that a solid storyline can overcome all other obstacles.  Special effects, does not necessarily equal scary either, as “The Others” was not full of special effects, and yet, it made me turn the lights on in every room I entered for the rest of the night!

Scary house clip art What are some of your favorite scary movies and why?  What really scares you?  Don’t be afraid (no pun intended) to let me know what you think!  :) 



Lora said...
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Lora said...

Hmmm. I'm more for the suspense and disturbing--mind thrillers I guess. Stuff like Stigmata and Bless the Child. Although my boyfriend is going to watch a few N Night Shyamalan movies with me soon--I have a feeling I would LOVE them.

Visiting you from SITS--have a great day!

Mesina said...

Ok here we go, a subject I can sink my teeth into! My other half and I LOVE horror films. My love affair with these types of movies began early in my pre-teens (yes pre-teens) when I was accidentally subjected to seeing Nightmare on Elm Street at the drive in. I was supposed to be asleep with my bros in the backseat of the car - as the double feature was a kid film first, horror second. I was hooked. I will watch pretty much anything, ghost movies can bother me from time to time, but to be fair I'm more scared of real people than the other realms. Depends on how good the film portrayed it.
I loved The Strangers, just on the pure heart pounding ''GET OUT BEHIND YOU ACCK!'' it gave me while watching it. I love thrillers, plot twisters, the lot! The Exorcist, all time classic scary film, that one might not be in the gender of current films but dang! For it's time it rocked! Yes, I am also a rare woman who watched Saw and loved it...I know it's gore! I'm a weirdo!
Great post!! x

Millennium Housewife said...

I couldn't make it to the end of the other's, too much of a scardey cat. Oh dear.

Luke & Erica said...

I am not scary movie fan, anyone who know me knows that, especially zombie flicks. I myself would stay away, but for some reason I want to see "Last House on the Left". I like revenge movies. I loved Red Dragon and wanted Hanibal Lector to get all the bad guys.

My Baby Sweetness said...

Stopping by from SITS!

levy said...

Nice post. I love horror movie. I also don't like it gory and lot's of killing. I prefer movies like "the Ring", "the Eye" and also the "Others" I was very shocked of the ending. Recently my husband and I watched "Drag me to Hell", and we are laughing most of the scenes. Check my post here: http://livinglifetodfullest.blogspot.com/2009/09/drag-me-to-hell-movie-comedy.html

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