Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shaping Up

Shape Up Box For about the last month or so I have been wanting a pair of Sketcher Shape-ups.  You may have seen the commercial, girls walking around in shoes that are a throw back to the Dutch wedged clog, while the announcer bills them as being the ultimate way to get in shape while going about your daily activities. Since I’m desperately trying to lose the weight I gained post my back surgery (I’m down 13 pounds, but it’s coming off so slowly!), anyway I thought these would be the perfect compliment to my routine, particularly wearing them to work, as I’m always running around and sweating like a stuffed pig over a spit. It’s pretty safe to say that I’ve mentioned these in conversation to just about anyone I’ve spoken to in the last month, the hubs, friends, co-workers, random Jane/Joe on the street, you name them I’ve talked these shoes up to them. 

My Grandma, being the generous and sweet person that she is, took note of this, and sent me money this past weekend to purchase them. I was beyond excited. They rock! I immediately put them on after buying them and wore them the rest of the day while I ran my errands. They’re actually the strangest paradox of comfort and well, just plain weird.  They’re weird in that they don’t feel like it normally does to walk in shoes, and yet it’s not necessarily bad, just weird.  After a while though the weirdness goes away, and then it’s back to normal.

So, how is it that these shoes can:

  • Firm calf muscles
  • Reduce cellulite and tone thighs
  • Firms buttocks muscles
  • Strengthens the back
  • Improves posture
  • Improves blood circulation (which helps boost metabolism and stamina)
  • Tightens abdominal muscles

Fortunately the shoes came with a handy DVD and all encompassing pamphlet to explain. According to the pamphlet the shoes are designed to simulate softer, unevenShape Up Shoe surfaces like when you’re barefoot walking in sand, which then “forces you to engage muscles not normally used when walking on hard ground.  Not only does this strengthen your muscles, but it also increases blood flow and reduces the impact on your joints and lower back.” Additionally it gives you instructions on how to maximize the benefit by walking in a rock and roll step, meaning step down with your heel and roll off your toes, this step in combination with the technical design (a whole page in the pamphlet) is what leads to a firmer, healthier you. 

I’m so ready to get these babies out on the open road and really see what they can do! I’m going to start wearing them daily in place of my flip flops and my normal Sketchers.  We’ll see how it goes. In the beginning (as Girl Walking Clip Art with any workout) they advise to start out slowly and only wear them for 25-35 minutes at a time. So I’ll have some other shoes handy in case I need to change.  They also mention that it’s normal to be sore for the first few days/weeks of wearing them.  Regardless it should be interesting, and I’m really hoping they hold true to their claims so that after a while I’ll be a trimmer, fitter version of myself! :)


Roschelle said...

I work in the emergency department at our local hospital. A bunch of the other nurses have been wearing these for a while and SWEAR they're the best thing since sliced bread! I haven't bought a pair yet. Please let us know how it goes!

Angela said...

Roschelle-That's what I'm talking about! Maximizing the time your at work with working out! I'm glad others have had so much success with them! It helps me feel more justified for paying over a hundred bucks for them! :)

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