Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nip Tuck

Woman looking in the mirror Me and the Hubs were watching a show earlier on E about celebrity plastic surgery. This sparked a conversation on what (if given the opportunity) we would change about ourselves.

The truth is, I’m pro plastic surgery. I mean hey, if you have the money, and you want to do it, why not? This is not to say that I don’t think some people take it too far, using it as a means to try and outwardly fix an obviously internal problem (like low self esteem), because I’m sure thatJoan Rivers happens a lot. However, by and large I think most people who have plastic surgery are just trying to correct a part of their body they either don’t like or cannot get the way they want with exercise and diet alone. I’m all about “to each their own.”

That said, if given the opportunity I’d do it in a second! I’d Surgeons Operating get a boob job (bigger and lifted), a tummy tuck, liposuction on my thighs and bootie and veneers. If I had a killer plastic surgeon that I really trusted, I might even get a nose job and see about making my face less round, but those are not high on the list, the others are.  I’ll admit, I freely believe these parts of my body could be enhanced by plastic surgery and while I am trying to get more exercise and tone up (hello, I just got my Sketcher Shape-Ups for this reason) I’m not ashamed to say that taking the easy route on this certainly appeals to me. Granted I guess that depends onWomen Exercising your definition of easy. In reality plastic surgery is very evasive and quite painful, or so I’ve heard, and easy may not be the best way to describe it. Fast, on the other hand, might be a more fitting a word, at least in comparison with how long it would take working out to yield the same results.

Many people disagree with the very idea of plastic surgery, saying that we should accept would God gave us. All I can say to those people is, God must’ve given you a tight ass and perky breasts! If you had mine, you’d think twice. :)

Smiley 128

Like I said, I very much take the stance of “To each their own,” and my “own” is, that if given a chance, I’d be nipped and tucked in two seconds. :)

Thoughts anyone?


Nikki said...

thats a hard one! Honestly...I wouldn't get anything done except Botox, but just in my lips! I love that look!!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Really I want new feet - the bottoms - which no, is not for looks but they crack and it hurts like hell.
But since there is no such thing for that - can I please have thighs that don't touch? I'm also with you on the round face thing - I'm not even sure I have cheekbones.
Oh - and if I had the funds I'd buy veneers in a minute - enough of the dentist crap!

Krystel ( said...

I agree with you that to each his own.

I have always said I wouldn't mind a nose job. Now with that said I wouldn't mind plastic surgery but I don't want to look totally unrecognizable ala Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing lol.

Debbie said...

I completely agree with you. After having two kids in two years, my belly will never look the same. I just have this pouch of skin that obviously exercise isn't going to get rid of. I guess it was just too much for my body to grow and shrink that fast twice in a row in that short of a period. If I would have known that would have happened, I would have spaced my kids further apart! I'd love to have a tummy tuck, but obviously I wouldn't do it until we had the money, and were done having kids.

I think plastic surgury can be great if you do it for the right reasons. If it helps you feel better about yourself, go for it. I think of the moms who have had septuplets and what their bodies have gone through. I think a little plastic surgury in that case is well deserved!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, to each his own!

But.....I think major facial surgery just looks really bad, there is only so much you can do with the face that God gave you. Our faces (to me) are so much of who we truly are. Now-- the boobs, butt, thighs, belly...nip, suck, and tuck those babies all you want!!!

Dorothy L said... have a very positive and confident attitude. It is refreshing.
You are so in just about everything that people is almost always done for the wrong reason.

Cosmetic surgery is a definite personal preference. I have known many that have had it and are still not happy...hence the inward problem. I also know many that have had it and are quite content.

Bottom line is more than not...why do you want it?

Great realistic approach post :)


found you from mesina's place

i am pro plastic surgery also and if i had the money i would've done it years ago!

Elizabeth said...

I think I'm on the same page you are - I think plastic surgery done right (i.e. not excessively and not for the wrong reasons) can be OK. If I had the money, I'd do it in a heartbeat. After having kids, exercise can only do so much for your body, it seems, and I'm always interested in a shortcut. Stopping by from SITS this morning. Happy Thursday!

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