Monday, September 14, 2009

Mad Money Giveaway Winner

Sorry, sorry, sorry, my cable and thus internet went out this morning.  I just spent the last hour and a half on the phone to fix the problem.  (The irony is that I actually wrote this post yesterday afternoon and saved it, so I could easily publish it at Noon (EST) which is actually 6:00 AM in Hawaii.  Sigh. 

Congratulation with Stars Clip ArtWithout further ado, the winner is: Anne Molino from The Molino Family Blog and I Heart Giveaways Blog! Congratulations Anne! I will be sending you an email in the next 48 hours to get your mailing address, but you can email me in the meantime to speed up the process if you’d like! :)

Wow!  The response to this giveaway was phenomenal! Just to give you an idea there were 676 total entries! It also generated 312 comments and 19 Facebook Folllowers! 

Balloon Boquet Clip Art

Many thanks to everyone who participated!

This was my last giveaway for a while, the next will probably be around  Christmas, but you never know, if I have the money or think of a particularly great idea then there might be another one before then!  If you want to know when the next giveaway is announced, just join my mailing list!  I will email the members of my mailing list at the same time as, or before I post the giveaway on my blog!  It’s a good way to keep tabs of the giveaway goings on here at Angela’s Soliloquy!

Thanks Blue Word Clip Art Thanks again to everyone for entering and congrats to Anne!

1 comment:

Anne said...

YAY! I can't believe it!!!

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