Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In My Mailbox!

The Art of Disappearing 2 I’m so beyond super, duper excited! Today I got the book, “The Art of Disappearing” by Ivy Pochoda in the mail! I will be reading it for review after “A Circle of Souls!”  Once finished, the review for “The Art of Disappearing” will be available on Amazon too.  I’ve got some serious reading to do, and I can’t wait!  This post is extra appropriate given that it’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week! :)

The plot for this book sounds particularly interesting in that two people, Toby and Mel, who’ve not known each other for long, fall in love and get married quickly, like the next day.  Toby is a magician, and after bad things happen in Vegas with his magic, they move to Amsterdam to get away.  Once there they meet other “real” magicians who take them in.  Through a series of events here, their marriage begins to unravel and Mel’s forced to wonder, is love constant or susceptible to Toby’s magic.  In the press release and other author reviews, it was compared to “The Time Traveler’s Wife” which I loved, so I am so excited to see how this story unfold!

Note: Both books were compliments of either the author or the publisher/publicist. 


confessionsofacountrygirl said...

Sounds like a lot of really great reading material! I soooo joined shelfari this morning. Always looking for great reading material.


yes, i agree, i love having loads of stuff to read right at my fingertips - ya never know when you're going to get the time to dive into it and escape - found you via SITS and am following, hope to help you on your quest to 100 followers! big milestone!

Catherine said...

Hey I just started following your blog, found you on SITS!!

I am an Air Force girlfriend, I have found many other military signifigant others through blogging. It helps so much to be able to see that you are not alone!!

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