Thursday, September 10, 2009

Entry into Bizarro World

Angel Heart Bizarre.  That’s all I can think.  Bizarre.  I just finished watching the movie Angel Heart for my BU class, and I really don’t know what to think.  It was just so, well, bizarre.

Made in 1987, starring Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro and Lisa Bonet, it’s set in the 50’s in both New York and New Orleans.  In a nut shell, Robert De Niro’s character hires Mickey Rourke’s (who is a private investigator) to find someone he’s looking for.  His search eventually leads him to New Orleans, Voodoo rituals and Lisa Bonet.  Along the way, the people he interviews to find info on the guy he’s looking for, keep coming up dead shortly after talking to him.  I’m not going to tell you how it ends because I don’t want to taint it at all in the event you actually see it one day, but needless to say, it totally threw me for a roller-coaster size loop!

Roller Coaster Clip Art

I watched it with my hubs, and my sweet and awesome friend Reese, who lives in the apartment downstairs and directly under mine.  Reese and I were crocheting the whole time, and the three of us were talking throughout it, so obviously it wasn’t the best environment to concentrate.  Also, having read the assignment requirements before starting the movie, I had a feeling I’d have to watch it a couple of times anyway.

One point I absolutely have to make is they could’ve easily condensed the runtime of 112 minutes down to 80. Movie Clicker and Clock Clip Art Despite the fact that people were being brutally killed and body parts were being cut off, the first hour and a half was unbelievably slow.  So much happened in the last 20-30 minutes that it was hard to absorb it all, so I’m actually looking forward to watching it a second time just so I can make sure to get all the big and little details of the story straight.  The ending was actually both the best and worst (add aggravating and annoying too) part of the whole movie, an  odd combination to feel simultaneously.

In the reviews I read off IMDB and Amazon, it was billed as a superb psychological thriller, and there were some genuinely  intriguing and creepy moments, but superb, hardly.  After the brief plot summary on the back of the DVD case it says , “A truly unsettling film experience” and that is a sentiment I can completely agree with!  Even though, I”m currently not a fan of it, the director had to have done something right, because I’m taking the time to blog about it.  Who knows maybe after thinking about it and watching it a second time with no distracting factors, I’ll revise my current opinion, but for now I would sum it up in these words: bizarre, frustrating, annoying, and thought provoking.  A peculiar choice of words for an equally peculiar movie. 

Without a doubt, THE MOST BIZZARE PART is the seriously  beyond CRAZY sex scene between Lisa Bonet and Mickey  Rourke!  IScared lego smiley LARGE’m talking a sex scene the likes of which would make the goings on at the Bunny Ranch look innocent!  I’ve never seen anything like that in a typical Rated R movie before.  In fact, while reading the IMDB and Amazon reviews, I read that it was almost Rated X because of this sex scene.  After watching it, I can completely understand why, especially since I watched the required unrated director’s cut, and got the full impact of all of it. (Shiver) Ugh.

I’ll watch it again tomorrow so I can have plenty of time to do the assignment for it that’s due on Saturday.  I’m curious toCartoon Watching TV Clip Art see how I feel about it after a second viewing.  So, if you’re bored, or just in the mood for a bizarre movie that will leave you feeling unsettled, a little annoyed, and a tiny bit creeped out, then you’re in luck, this is the perfect movie for you.  :) 


Anne said...

never heard of the movie!

Bunny B said...

Me neither... never heard of this! But there are some famous actors in it!

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