Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All Points Bulletin

Urgent Clip Art I am looking for my motivation, has anyone seen it?  She ran away last night, as I was turning in my three page paper for my BU class around midnight.  I was in the process of trying to convince her to kick in earlier next time, when she went postal!  She said, sooner would mean more money, and when I refused she went on strike and left! The nerve. 

Now, here I am today with a to do list resembling the population growth rate of China and with my motivation nowhere to be found.  Did you know that if everyone in China walked by you in a single file line, the line would never endTo Do List Clip Art because of the rate of population growth?  That is my to do list.  Obviously a list of this magnitude needs some serious motivation to go along with it.  So, I went out this morning and put some fliers up on telephone poles around the neighborhood.  The picture on it was old, but hey, how often do we get around to taking updated pictures of our motivation?  I mean we always have the intent, but does it ever really happen? 

I figured someone would’ve seen her by now and called me, Milk Carton Funny Missing Pic Clip Art but no such luck.  I hope she didn’t find a way to get off the island, after all, she could’ve motivated someone to buy her a plane ticket.  Crap.  This isn’t looking so good.  Do they still put pictures of missing abstract concepts on the side of milk cartons? 

So, if you see a little motivation walking around with a Smiley Black and White Clip Artpicket sign that says, “No more slave wages! Motivation isn’t a     right , it’s a privilege,” or on the side of a freeway exit ramp with a sign that says, “Will motivate for a pink Mac” please let me know.  Thank you. 

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