Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nip Tuck

Woman looking in the mirror Me and the Hubs were watching a show earlier on E about celebrity plastic surgery. This sparked a conversation on what (if given the opportunity) we would change about ourselves.

The truth is, I’m pro plastic surgery. I mean hey, if you have the money, and you want to do it, why not? This is not to say that I don’t think some people take it too far, using it as a means to try and outwardly fix an obviously internal problem (like low self esteem), because I’m sure thatJoan Rivers happens a lot. However, by and large I think most people who have plastic surgery are just trying to correct a part of their body they either don’t like or cannot get the way they want with exercise and diet alone. I’m all about “to each their own.”

That said, if given the opportunity I’d do it in a second! I’d Surgeons Operating get a boob job (bigger and lifted), a tummy tuck, liposuction on my thighs and bootie and veneers. If I had a killer plastic surgeon that I really trusted, I might even get a nose job and see about making my face less round, but those are not high on the list, the others are.  I’ll admit, I freely believe these parts of my body could be enhanced by plastic surgery and while I am trying to get more exercise and tone up (hello, I just got my Sketcher Shape-Ups for this reason) I’m not ashamed to say that taking the easy route on this certainly appeals to me. Granted I guess that depends onWomen Exercising your definition of easy. In reality plastic surgery is very evasive and quite painful, or so I’ve heard, and easy may not be the best way to describe it. Fast, on the other hand, might be a more fitting a word, at least in comparison with how long it would take working out to yield the same results.

Many people disagree with the very idea of plastic surgery, saying that we should accept would God gave us. All I can say to those people is, God must’ve given you a tight ass and perky breasts! If you had mine, you’d think twice. :)

Smiley 128

Like I said, I very much take the stance of “To each their own,” and my “own” is, that if given a chance, I’d be nipped and tucked in two seconds. :)

Thoughts anyone?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Ghost behind House There’s a ghost in our house. I swear. The hubs and I have noticed some strange happenings going on for awhile now and at first we just dismissed them as the normal creaks and moans that an old house makes, except that we don’t live in an old house, we live in a fairly new apartment. Hmmm. Then we dismissed them as quirks within the electricity, and while that one is possible, it got harder to dismiss these “nothings” when we started to see things like shadows move about from one side of the room to the other, while we sat in our recliners side by side each other watching them move (who’s presence by the way was totally interrupting an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, so inconsiderate). Anyway, neither previous dismissive explanation could justify that one.

Initially it started off small, like hearing odd noises coming from the back bedrooms like something had been knocked off the night stand. They were pretty frequent, a couplGhost 131e of times a week and eventually they evolved into louder noises, sort o  f sounding like something had been thrown against the wall. On more than one occasion me and the hubs would jump up and go running to see what it was, only to find everything in it’s proper place. After a while, whenever we heard these noises we’d simply look at each other, raise our eyebrows and then turn our attention back to the TV or our laptop screens, or whatever we had been doing prior to the noise. Still the noises of unknown origin continue.

Then came seeing things. One time I was in my bedroom putting away folded laundry into our dresser when I saw in my peripheral vision my hubs walk out of his man cave room and down the hallway. I could even hear the sound of his bare feel hitting our faux wood flooring as he walked. I thought this  was odd because he almost never walks around barefooted and because I thought he’d been in the bathroom not the man cave room, but I quickly shrugged it off, and didn’t think about it for more than half a nanosecond. Shortly thereafter having finished putting up the laundry, I went to Ghost Gray put the basket back into the laundry room across the hall, when I realized he had been in the bathroom. How did I know this, because HE WAS STILL THERE! Icy chills went up and down my spine at that realization. What or who had I seen walking past our bedroom down the hall, I don’t know? Again, I dismissed this as my eyes playing tricks on me. 

I could’ve easily convinced myself of faulty eyesight being the culprit, if my very rational and logical hubs hadn’t started seeing things too. I found him saying more and more, “Did you see that?” The “that” he was referring to usually consisted of  shadows out of the corner of his eyes walking across our hallway, or across the doorway between the kitchen and the living room, or like the one I spoke of above, moving across our living room. The thing is, that even the obvious ones are not so obvious, because the unexplainable is never obvious and your first reaction is always to dismiss it.

Ghost Little Gray Then there was the time when I was emptying the dishwasher and something tugged at my shirt. I’m talking a genuine tugging like someone trying to get my attention. That one made me stand up straight and take notice of my surroundings, and it definitely got my attention.

Oh, and then there was the time I went to shut off my AC (it’s like a small window unit, but instead of being in the   window it’s mounted into the wall) and it started freaking out beeping off and on uncontrollably like it was having some sort of combination epileptic seizure with Turret’s outburst. This lasted for a whole minute straight, which when something like that is happening, seems like forever!

And of course, let me not forget to tell you about the mysterious scratch my hubs woke up with one morning. He had gone to bed the night before with his face in normalGhost Boo   order. In the morning he awoke to find a scratch across his cheek. He’s a chronic nail biter and therefore has none to speak of, and doubly therefore could not have done it himself. As for me being the source, while yes there are definitely times I’d like to scratch his eyes out because even though he’s a great husband, he is after all still a man, it wasn’t me. My back had been hurting a lot that night so I slept on my recliner. Hmmm.

There are many more examples I could offer, but I think by now you’re getting the jist of the situation. Any one of these occurrences by themselves is innocuous and given enough time, explanations could be found for all of them.  However, if you put them all together, they can appear to be something else entirely. Also, I want to interject that thus far, while some of these goings on have been very strange (to say the least), I’ve never felt in danger or the presence of any Ghost Happydistinct negative energy around me. So if there is something here, I believe it’s harmless and merely trying to communicate with us in the only way it can.

There’s a running joke right now between me and my hubs about our ghost and my tendency to be neurotic. In the window above and behind our television I have curtains in the  form of two panels. It is my biggest pet peeve when these panels come apart at the middle exposing the curtain rod underneath. I’ll be sitting in my beloved recliner, reading, or watching TV, or on my laptop, completely engrossed in whatever I’m doing, then I’ll look up and see they’ve come apart in the middle. All I can see is that blasted curtain rod glaring at me. I have to immediately stop whatever I’m doing so that I can get up and fix it. I must do this five times a day. The joke is that our ghost, having observed my neurotic behavior, now pulls them apart just to Ghost Bluishhave a few laughs at my expense. :)

Additionally, my neighbor/friend Reese has a friend who lives a few blocks over and she too has had similarly strange experiences. I wonder what the history for this area is, as Hawaii has a lot of legends and myths surrounding the supernatural. There were a lot of battles fought on this island, and the island isn’t all that big, so it’s theoretical that something could’ve happened here. Who knows, anything’s possible.

You know how when you’re watching a scary movie and inevitably the big-boobed-blonde goes to investigate the inexplicable noise she hears and you scream, “Don’t yGhost Trioou stupid crack ho! He’s just waiting to kill you!” Then you turn to your friend who you’re watching the movie with (because like you’d ever watch a scary movie alone) and say, “What a  stupid biatch! I would never go check on a suspicious noise alone, on a dark and stormy night! Duh.” Too bad real life isn’t as obvious as a scary movie. In real life we don’t expect Michael Meyers to be the source of that noise in the other room, instead (much like Ghost Scared big-boobed-blonde) we go and investigate it. There have  been a couple of times as of late when I go to see what’s making that strange sound from the back of the apartment that I have stopped and thought, “Am I the big-boobed-blonde I so despise?” This is hilarious because I’m neither blonde nor big-boobed, but I am beginning to think people in horror movies aren’t quite as stupid as I previously thought. It’s all about perspective.

So, do you believe in ghosts? Or, do you think the happenings in my house are just random, innocuous Ghost Wavingoccurrences with justifiably explanations? Personally, I do believe in ghosts and I also know that I have an overactive imagination, but you know what they say, “real life is stranger than fiction.” After putting the pieces together for over a year, I’ve come to one conclusion, there’s a ghost in my house. I swear. :)

Check it Out: Eastwick

Eastwick Today, thanks to my handy dandy DVR, I watched the premiere of the new series “Eastwick” on ABC. It originally aired last Wednesday, but I hadn’t had a chance to watch it until today, and the first episode did not disappoint.

Intrigued by the promos, I was very excited to check this one out! As a fan of the original movie (which was actually based on the book by John Updike), I knew there was some serious potential in creating a series around it, and props to Maggie Friedman for taking the reigns and doing just that. The setting is the very quaint and small New England town of Eastwick. The story (for those of you who aren’t familiar with it) centers around three strangers: Kat (Jaime Ray Newman, Joanna (Lindsay Price) and Roxanne (Rebecca Romijn), who meet one day after making a wish at a fountain at the exact same moment and become friends. Soon after a handsome, rich and quite charming (albeit a little evil-but we’re not supposed to really know that yet) man, Darryl Van Horne (Paul Gross), moves into town.

He then begins wooing each of the girls, who at times have their reservations about him but are enchanted by him none the less. The nuts and bolts of the story lie in that each of the girls has certain powers which become more evident throughout the show, and that the wish they made not only binds them together but starts a chain reaction of a series of events that unleash magic and trouble throughout Eastwick, with Darryl Van Horne at the center of the Mayhem.

I thoroughly enjoyed this pilot, as it was both interesting and  entertaining! It had a quick pace that kept the plot moving forward while introducing new elements simultaneously and seamlessly.  Each of the actors brought somethiEastwick Rebecca Romijnng to their character that made me like them more than those in the actual movie. That’s saying something considering I don’t particularly care for Rebecca Romijn in general, but her performance was not only solid, but dare I say, good? I think so.

So, if you’re looking for something new to watch on Wednesday nights, or if you just like things of a witchy-supernatural nature (like me) then I highly recommend you check this one out!

Eastwick Aunt


PS-If you want to see this episode, it’s available to view on ABC’s website!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Featured Follower: CreativitE

Erin Bassett This weeks featured follower is Erin Bassett and her blog/website, CreativitE. Her home on the internet is seriously a primo collection of all things crafty!!! She’s been scrapbooking for over 10 years and screen printing since January. She’s a bona fide craft addict and her work is AMAZING!

Her site is so fun and chock full of such crafty ideas and projects for sewing, scrapbooking, mixed media, cards, green crafts and of course YuDu screen printing! She also has some very handy tutorials relative to her crafty pursuits. I like her blog because the layout is clean and eye catching. It’s easy to find your way around and there is just a ton, and I mean a ton, of info on it. Great job Erin! Keep up the rockin-awesome work!

If you’re into crafts or wanting to be more crafty, this is THE blog for you!

You Rock!

I have often said that my followers and commenters are the most AWESOME people in the entire blogosphere, and I truly bGirl at Pink Computerelieve that! So, I was thinking today, what could I do to say thanks to them. Hmmm . . . . this is what I came up with. I’m going to start doing a weekly “Featured Follower.” This means at least once a week, maybe more, I will do a quick post on one of my followers or commenters blogs as a way to say, “Thanks for the follow, thanks for taking time to leave a comment, and mostly thanks for indulging my crazy writing by reading it!” :)

I will also show props by writing a status update onHeart Black it on my blog’s Facebook Fan Page. It will just say the followers name, their blog name, a link to their blog and a one line description of their blog. My Facebook Fan Page is linked to my Twitter account, so it will be blasted across the Tweetosphere as well!

You Rock Black BG with Hand This is just a little something to say that all of you rock and seriously, thank you for supporting me and my blog. I have truly been blessed to have met some of the most phenomenal people through blogging (which is one of the many reasons I enjoy it so very much)! Like I said, you guys are the BEST! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. :)

Nice Place to Visit . . .

Home Sweet Home Do you like where you live? Is it your idea of ideal, or would you rather be somewhere else? Sometimes we live in a place by choice, but many times we live in a place because that’s where we grew up, or that’s where the jobs are at, or that’s where our family is, or (as in my case) that’s where the Army sends us.  Where would you live if you could live anywhere? Why? What do you like about where you currently live and what do you really not like about it?

Living in Hawaii is definitely interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we came here and had this amazing opportunityIsland Clip Art . Obviously living here can be an absolute BLAST and unlike anywhere else in the world. The beaches are of course phenomenal and the natural beauty, history and culture provide a very unique and rich (and no, I’m not talking about money) once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, believe it or not, there are some distinct downsides to living here, and these are just a few of them.

Everything is so super, uber, beyond expensive! I’m talking ridiculously, make you crazy, expensive!! For example, a Dollar Sign Yellow Green gallon of milk off post is right around $8.00, coffee creamer is $7.59, and a Frappucino in Waikiki is $8.72! Now you might be thinking, but you live on post, so you can shop at the commissary where things are cheaper. and that’s true. There is absolutely no way we could afford food here if it weren’t for the commissary. Even still, it’s more expensive than any grocery store I’ve ever been too on the mainland. If I can get out of there spending less than 50 bucks, I call it good, and that’s only if I have a few (in between major grocery trips) items on my list.

Also, they have some chain restaurants here like Chili’s but their prices are not the same as the mainland. I went out once with a friend and all I had was the soup and salad combo and a soda. We also split a basket of endless tortillaDollar Signs Multiple Two Rows chips and my portion was $24.00! Are you kidding me? Oh, and let me not forget my favorite example. I love those plastic three drawer storage units, they’re great for my crochet and scrapbook stuff. I bought one at Wal-Mart in AZ for $13.88. Here the exact same thing at Wal-Mart sells for $30.00. I kid you not. When we went home to good old Arizona at Christmas, we felt like rock stars because everything was so cheap and our money was stretching so much further!

Speaking of Christmas, there’s another drawback to living here. It’s a tropical climate so it’s the same temperature Today's Temperature (within 10 degrees) all year long. At first that seems ideal, at first. But after a year or so, it’s starting to get old, really old, at least to me it is. My husband on the other hand, he loves it. He loves warm, and even downright hot weather. Not me!!! I get really irritated when I got hot, and truth be told, I sweat just as much here as I did in Arizona. Sure it’s like 20-30 cooler here, but it’s also at least that many degrees more humid.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, and I missed it last year (our first year here), but it really didn’t bother me Fall Heart Clip Artbecause I was still totally infatuated with living here. Not this  year! I’m totally bummed that we don’t get a fall here! In Arizona the summer’s are grueling bordering on flat out miserable. I mean when the wind blows it feels like a hair dryer and when you open your car door, it feels like when you open you’re oven, not fun. But then, sometime in September, the temperature starts to drop at night and in the evening and then by October the days start getting nicer and nicer, and Fall Leaf after the intense temperatures of the summer, it’s such a relief! Yup, I love, love, love, fall! Here it’s been a hot and humid summer, but there is no relief in store and that thought seriously makes me sad and even a little mad (I know that’s not rational, but hey, it’s what I’m feeling right now). 

Christmas is a joke, mainly because since it’s been the sameChristmas Tree 128 temp the whole time, it doesn’t even feel like Christmas, despite the stores being decorated and a Christmas tree sitting in my living room. Like I said the first year it didn’t bother me, in fact it was kind of fun because it was different, but now I yearn for some traditional weather and the traditional holiday experiences that come with it!

Another frustrating aspect of living here is that the roads Map 124 appear to have been designed by a drunk man randomly stumbling along with a crayon drawing haphazard and nonsensical lines. Getting around here is impossible! When I first arrived I would go out to explore, that stopped real quick after I kept getting lost and it would take HOURS to find my way back. I should interject, I’m good with reading maps, but maps prove to be pretty useless when more than half the streets do not have street signs to let you know what street you’re on!!! I mean, how in the hell are you supposed to navigate, if the streets  Street Sign Multiple are not labeled? Wait, to be fair sometimes there are street signs . . . . about two centimeters big! Even Superman with his freaking x-ray vision would have a hard time reading them until he was right up on them! I’ve tried downloading directions from MapQwest and Google and have ended up in the middle of nowhere when I was supposed to be at a movie theater.

Lastly, I was very spoiled living in Phoenix, because our extensive freeway system worked in a grid. If you missed your Freeway Clip Art exit, you simply took the next one and turned back around, easy peasy. Not here. If you miss your exit, you better hope you packed some food, water and a change of clothes, because it’s going to take you a few weeks to get back home! Once we missed our exit and the next one wasn’t for 13 miles!!! We ended up on the other side of the island, I swear. The freeways here are absolutely NOT in a grid system, as far as I can tell there isn’t any kind of “system” to speak of. You have no idea if the exit you’re getting off of will have one to get back on the freeway going the opposite direction. It is a total nightmare!! You might be thinking, “Just go to one of those fabulous beaches. That will take your mind off traffic.” Huh, not so much. I live about 10 minutes from the North Shore, home to some of the best surfing in the world, too bad there’s only one two-lane road that goes around that entire side of the island! The traffic gets so bad there (particularly in theTraffic Jam Clip Art Small summer) that it has taken us two hours to drive what should’ve been 30 minutes. That is a total deterrent for me to go to those fabulous beaches.

Speaking of beaches, whenever you see pictures of Hawaii Smiley Stressed and Scared that’s what you see, the phenomenal beaches with amazing sunsets and gorgeous water, and yes those are all accurate. What you do not see in those pictures however, are all the ghettos in between. I’m talking scary, drug laden, crime heavy, ghettos the likes of which make South Central LA look like a paradise! Is it really any wonder though, I mean given how expensive it is to live here, no one, not even the locals, can afford it, thus, all theseMugging Clip Art economically depressed neighborhoods develop.  The one closest to our house, 10 minutes away, that I have to drive through to get to Wal-Mart in the next town over, is so bad, even the locals avoid it at night!

If I had my choice, I would without a doubt, live on the east coast, probably somewhere in the New England area. I completely adore the east coast! It’s got so much character! Each house is unique and not a cookie cutter replica of the next one (like in Arizona). It seems like every five miles  there’s another historical landmark, which is so very cool to  me! However, the best thing (in my humble opinion) about it, is the AMAZING seasons! There are actually four of them over there! Wow, what a concept! I was in Connecticut in the fall once, and I almost didn’t leave. TheHome Cute view from my hotel room looked like a Normal Rockwell painting! It was magnificent. Right then I new, if I ever had the opportunity, I would live there. I’m hoping that one day (perhaps after I’m a lawyer) we’ll be able to. I’ll need to be a lawyer for sure because it’s expensive too, but after living here, not nearly as bad as I once thought!

So, I’ve given you the 411 on what living in Hawaii is reallySmiley Thinking  like, and how if given a choice I’d be in Connecticut tomorrow. What’s your take on where you live? Do you totally love it and never want to leave, or are you itching to go somewhere else? Just some food for thought.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Five Fun Facts for Friday!

Nebraska Cornhusker Logo 1. When the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers play football at home to a sellout crowd, the stadium becomes the state's third largest city. (Wow, Nebraskans must really love their football if enough of them get together to make the 3rd largest city in the state! Go Huskers!) :)

2. The metal part of a lamp that surrounds the bLamp Black and Whiteulb and    supports the shade is called a harp. (I wonder which got their name first, this or the instrument? And, I wonder if you rubbed the metal if it would sound like a harp?)

Washington State 3. Point Roberts in Washington State is cut off from the rest of the state by British Columbia, Canada. If you wish to travel from Point Roberts to the rest of the state or vice versa, you must pass through Canada, including Canadian and U.S. customs. (Boy I bet that’s a pain having to go through customs each time. Crazy that it’s part of the states even though you have to go through Canada, weird.) :)

4. The phrase "sleep tight" originated when mattresses were set upon ropes woven through the bed frame. ToBed Clip Art remedy sagging ropes, one would use a bed key to tighten the rope. (And I thought my mattress was uncomfortable. Mattresses sure have come a long way!) :)

5. A baby oyster is called a spat. (Too funny!) :)Oyster Clip Art

Three Bonus Facts!

Cow with Pink Bow*A Holstein's spots are like fingerprints -- no two cows  have the same pattern of spots. (I bet that’s helpful to the CSI’s if they suspect one of murder.) :)

Thread Black Red White Clip Art *According to the ceremonial customs of Orthodox Judaism, it is officially sundown when you cannot tell the difference between a black thread and a red one. (What if your color blind?) :)

*Shrimps' hearts are in their heads. (What a trip!) :)Heart Red Clip Art

Today’s facts were provided by: Deb & Jen’s Land O Uselless Facts!

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