Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Crochet Projects

Here are a few of the hats I managed to finish this weekend.  I was in the mood to make flowers, and it shows!  Only one of the hats I made came from an actual pattern, the other two were created by me just playing around with my hook and some yarn!  I love it when those actually work out!  One of my hats, I have a pattern for, the other I do not (I totally wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing!).  All of the flowers I used came from here.

Br Hat 1 Helene Hat with Double Shell Flower

RWB Hat 2 No pattern for this one, but the flower is a Lazy Shell Flower

Black 1

The flower is a Double Shell Flower

Fun Black Toddler Hat


  • Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Black)
  • Size H Hook


  • Round 1: Ch 5, sl st to join
  • Round 2: Ch 2, DC same st, 2 DC in each st around, join
  • Round 3: Ch 2, DC same st, *1 DC in the next st, 2 DC in the next st* repeat from * to * 2 DC in last st, join
  • Round 4: Ch 2, DC same st, *1 DC next 2 st, 2 DC next st* repeat from * to * 2 DC in last st, join
  • Round 5: Ch 2, DC in same st, *1 DC in next 3 st, 2 DC in the next st* repeat from * to * 2 DC in last st, join
  • Round 6-9: Ch 2, DC in same st, DC in each st around, join
  • Border: Ch 1, SC in same st, Ch 1 *SC in next st, Ch 1* repeat from * to * around, join and fasten off.

I found some new hat and scarf patterns, hopefully I’ll have those up soon!


Elizabeth said...

Awww, those are sweet! I so wish I were crafty! Visiting from SITS this morning.

Bunny B said...

Those flowers are so cute!! :) Give a sweet look to a plain hat.

Kimi said...

I made a blanket out of that top yarn. Too cute.

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Luke & Erica said...

love, love, the flower hats!! I totally want to get one to giveaway on my bow blog. I am adding yor link to my blog. I also have to get one of those for Erynn. I will measure her head and let you know. I would love an Ivory/off white with pink flower. Just tell me how much I owe you. Love ya, Erica

Joby said...

I love the colours on the first one, the flowers make them so pretty and feminine

Lisa Anne said...

Those look amazing. i don't know how you do it. I so need to finish my blanket but its too hot to have it drapped all over me.

Anne said...

I'm going to have to try that! I just have a list of other projects to do first!

Summer said...

If you dont have an etsy shop, you must. I want them!!!

Julie said...

The hats are adorable. My daughter would have looked cute in them when she was a toddler. Now she is 15.She is the one who crochet. I don't. Maybe I can get her interested in making hats like yours :)


Vhiel said...

those are cute... I wish I have more time to make some before fall/winter...

i just started following your blog.. i hope you can follow mine too

i just started following your blog I hope you can follow mine. :)

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Linda said...

Those are beautiful hats1 I wish that I had learned to crochet.

Nikki said...

Wow those are beautiful pieces! I love the flowers, they make the hats so unique! I've been crocheting for awhile now mostly curly scarves and a few hats but I never knew how to do the flowers, this is great! thanks!

Crazy in Alaska said...

Oh my gosh, love love love the black and pink hat! Must try it!

Angela said...

Elizabeth-Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the sweet comment! :)

Bunny B-I'm so glad you like!!! I was kind of scared they wouldn't come out right, whew, it's so good to get such awesome feedback! :)

Kimi-Isn't it the best? I totally love the colors! I sent you an email about the rest, so check it out when you get a chance! :)

Erica-I'm so glad you like them! Send me the measurements, and I'll get on it! Thanks for linking me to your blog! You're my sister please, you don't owe me anything!

Joby-I'm such a fan of that yarn! It's so pretty! I love the way adding the flowers changed the dynamic of the hat!

Lisa Anne-Thank you so much!!! I totally understand about doing blankets when it's warm and how it's not exactly motivating! Too bad I live in Hawaii, so there's never a great time to do blankets! :) I just turn my AC down really low! :)

Anne-It's such an easy pattern! My list of projects is getting so long, it's probably not even possible to finish them all before I die! :)

Summer-You are so beyond sweet! I don't have an etsy shop, but I'd be happy to make one for you! Just email me!

Julie-Thanks for your sweet feedback! The patterns I use are really easy, I'm sure you're daughter could make one in no time! :)

Vhiel-Thanks for following me, and yes I followed you too! Seems like there's never enough time, doesn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Linda-Thanks so much!!!! It' never too late to learn! :)

Nikki-Thanks for the sweet comment! I'm so glad you like them, and it's always nice to hear praise from fellow crocheters! The flower patterns work up really quick and they're easy to follow! I love that in a pattern! :)

Crazy in Alaska-It's also one of my faves, and seriously the pattern is so easy, let me know if you end up making it! It's always great to hear from you! :)

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