Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Crochet Projects

Even though I spent most of the weekend changing my blog layout and doing some bloggy maintenance, I did manage to finish a couple of more hats and a hot pad!

Pk Camo PH

I used Red Heart Super Saver in Pink Camo to make this Preemie Hat. I used the “Creative Preemie Hat” pattern, except I changed the border to:

*5 DC’s in same stitch, skip next stitch, 5 DC’s* Repeat from * to * around.


I used Lily Sugar ‘N Cream cotton yarn in Ivory for this preemie hat, and the same “Creative Preemie Hat” pattern from above.

Hot Pad 2

You’re going to laugh when I tell you what pattern I used for this hot pad, because it actually started off as a hat! I used the "Lil Sunhat Pattern” but it never seemed to drop at the sides and start shaping like a hat. I really like the look of the pattern, and I realized it would make a great hot pad, and voila here it is! I used Caron Simply Soft in Sundrop and a size E Hook, which is different than what the pattern calls for, maybe that’s why it never started to look like a hat! :)


Kimi said...

Those hats are too cute! I wish I could make something like that. I've done baby afghans but anything that drops confuses the heck out of me.

Nancy said...

These are precious! You are oh-so-much better at crocheting than I am!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

Debbie said...

I love the Pink Camo hat. Super cute!

Shelly H. said...

Beautiful work, Angela! You have a great talent.

Alicia said...

awww those hats are so cute!! i can barely crochet a blanket!

Joby said...

Aww i love the pink and green hat, its the shape, so pretty. All lovely though, thanks for sharing


Crazy in Alaska said...

Love the pink camo hat!

Bunny B said...

The Pink Camo hat is so cute! Great color combo :)

Angela said...

Kimi - I used to feel the same way, but once I found this pattern that made it really easy, it was smooth sailing after that! :)

Nancy - Thanks for your sweet words! I don't think I'm even very good at it sometimes, and certainly nothing special, but I guess it's all relative! :)

Angela said...

Debbie - Glad you like!

Shelly - You're too sweet, I just think I'm average at best, but you know typically we believe less about ourselves, and more about others. It should be reversed, don't you think. :)

Angela said...

Alicia - Thanks! And I think it's actually harder to do blankets! :)

Joby - Thanks for the kudos! I have to admit, I'm pretty partial to the pink one myself. I feel like it came out pretty well. I loving sharing my creations, so my pleasure! :)

Anne said...

I just learned to make a granny square. your work looks great!

Missy said...

Those are super cute! I wish I could crochet or knit. I've tried both. The results were not so good.

Angela said...

Anne - Granny squares are so fun! If you can do that, you can easily make one of these hats! :)

Missy - Don't worry, when I first tried crocheting circa the mid nineties, I was the WORST! I kept dropping stitches and I had not idea how to read a pattern. So I set it aside for a while, 13 years to be exact. When I finally picked it up again, it was either easier, or I was just better at it. Either way it was a much more fun and pleasurable experience. So just give it a decade or so! :)

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