Monday, August 3, 2009

Giveaway Winners!

I am very happy to post the winners of my Giveaway!!!! 

First 10 Winners:

  1. Sandra Main
  2. Cheryl 
  3. Sarah
  4. Lorraine
  5. Jo Bryan
  6. Angela Brown
  7. Leighann
  8. Deidre
  9. Lois
  10. Clarissa

Theses winners will receive a Hawaii key ring!


1st 10

The two Grand Prize winners are:

  1. Guestbook Signing: Clarissa
  2. Tagboard Signing: Leighann

These lucky ladies will receive a Hawaii themed: coffee mug, king ring, magnet, and post it pad!

Grand Prize

The winners will be receiving an email from me within the next 48 hours to get addresses for shipping.  To speed up this process you can email me @

Many THANKS to all those who participated in my first ever Giveaway!!!

Keep checking back because this week there will be a big announcement for my next Giveaway with a GREAT Grand Prize!


Laura said...

Aw, it's too bad I missed out on this. :/

Anne said...

Your next giveaway is really grand! I hope I win!!

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