Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gearing Up (Just in Case)

couple in the rain clip art When we first moved to Hawaii and I was having our land line installed, the customer service rep gave me a few words of warning.  She said that since this phone would be digital it obviously wouldn’t work if the power went out.  She also went on to warn me that while it’s not uncommon for the power to go out all over the island during stormy weather, it’s more common on military installations, and even MORE SO where I lived.  Still giddy from being in Hawaii for the first time in my life, I assured her it would be fine thinking how often could the power really go out anyway? I was so naive.  Now having lived here a year, I can tell you from experience, the power can go out A LOT!!!

Years ago to compensate for quick growth, our post (Schofield Barracks) built housing about 10 miles away, which is where we live.  So while technically we don’t live on post, we still live in Army housing.  Our little corner of the world is called HMR (Helemano Military Reservation) and besides housing it has a shoppette, a church, a gym and a community center.  Throughout the year I’ve vacillated between loving where we live because it’s quiet and wishing we lived on post for convenience reasons.  We chose to live out here for one reason, and one reason alone: it was the housing available at the time we moved here. 

Candles in Power Outage Clip Art For some reason, the power goes out here way more than any other place on the island, and I’m not talking about for just a few minutes either.  I’m talking an hour or more each time.  The longest stint without power we’ve personally endured was 9 hours.  (To be fair that’s nothing compared to other stories we’ve heard from fellow military families, who’ve not seen the light of day (literally) for 3 days or more!  I’m pretty sure this week we will be experiencing that for ourselves.)  We came to expect these outages during particularly stormy weather, but then it started to go out just for the fun of it too.  For the first part of this summer it went out every week during totally sunny skies for over an hour each time!  So now that hurricane season has begun I’m sure we can count on many more happy occasions sans power.

In fact, the reason for this particular post is that currently Hurricane Felicia is making it’s way towards us.  Don’t panic, due to a bunch of weather mumbo jumbo I cannot fully remember, it’s anticipated to be just a mere “tropical depression” by the time it reaches us.  Still, we’re gearing up and taking some precautions just in case.  Besides, at some point in the next few days, the one thing I know we can count on is that at some point (and most likely for an extended period of time) electricity will be non-existent. 

cloud and rain clip art Things are expected to go down like this, Sunday night the trade winds and surf are supposed to kick up.  By Monday morning we should be seeing rainfall, and by Monday night and into Tuesday we should be experiencing the worst of it in the form of intense rain and 30+ mph winds.  It should start to simmer down a bit on Wednesday and by Thursday we should be at the tail end, if not out of it completely. 

Fun Woman Reading Clipart So, if you don’t hear from me a lot this week, it’s because my powers out due to the storm.  If that happens I plan on getting some serious reading and crocheting done.  Hey, always best to try and make the most out of a bad situation!.  :)

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