Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chaos: My Last 24 Hours - Part 2

Busy Bee Once work was over at 1:00, I had to book it home to freshen up and change because I was scheduled to teach a couple of AFTB classes at the WLC at 2:30.  At this point I was so totally tired, but what could I do?  So I just sucked it up, and prayed that my second wind would find me quickly!

Originally I was scheduled to teach on a different day that would’ve been much better for my schedule.  However, as is the Army way, that schedule was changed at the last minute.  Here’s the kicker, one of the classes I was teaching I’d never taught before which usually requires some serious prep time on my part, and since I was feeling so icky the last few days I wasn’t able to prepare at all!  Wait, that’s not true I did look through the instructor materials one time, but in my neurotic world that hardly counts as preparing.  Also, because of this last minute change and to give me more time to get there, they moved my classes to be the last two of the day .  This meant I had to teach back to back, but I was totally okay with that.  Unfortunately it also meant that I only had 45 minutes to teach two classes that would normally be an hour.  The good thing was that since I had worked all morning and was completely beyond exhausted, I didn’t even have a chance to be nervous.  :)

Despite driving like a maniac, I managed to arrive at the WLC safely and in one fairly presentable piece.  I had decided during my drive over that I was going to take a speedy, but informal approach to teaching these classes.  One was on Family Financial Readiness, which I had taught once before, and the other was on Military and Community Resources. 

The class had over 20 people in it, which for me being a newbie instructor was really big!  As soon as I saw all those faces in front of me, the nerves that had been at bay all day started to ooze out a little.  All I could do was take a deep breath, flash a big smile and begin teaching my class. 

Given the hectic nature of the day and the days leading up to it, I felt pretty okay with it.  Apparently I underestimated myself, because the Program Manager couldn’t stop telling me what a great job I did, or how my funny personality adds so much to the class, and that I am a huge asset to the AFTB program!  The enthusiasm and sincerity with which she said this made me so happy!!!  It feels so amazing to get such great feedback, and it only makes me want to do more for the program!  In the short time I’ve been part of AFTB I’ve learned so much, and it’s so nice to give something back!!!!!

After the WLC, I was off to the Commissary which was super busy considering payday was just a few days ago.  After that nightmare was completed, I was finally on my way home, but being able to rest was still far away.  I had a ton to do to get ready for the Spouse’s Club’s first board meeting of the year (I serve as webmaster on the board) and even more to do for the website!

Eventually, while working on the website, I fell asleep on top of my laptop, when I awoke this morning, I couldn’t walk upright because my back hurt so badly.  As a result, I made an executive decision to miss the first board meeting.  I really didn’t want to do that, but I have to be able to work tomorrow, and I knew the best way to achieve that would be to rest my back today by limiting my movement and using a lot of therapeutic heat! 

So far my plan has worked.  I’m walking a little better now and I’m sure by the end of the day I’ll be walking tall!  In the meantime I have my laptop firmly planted on my lap so I can work on the Spouse’s Club website and my blog! 

Looking back on it, even for me, the last 24 hours were seriously chaotic!  I’m glad it’s now over and one for the archives!


Dreamgirl said...

Sounds like a stressful day!
I'm still enjoying vacation in Spain and don't even want to think about work that starts next Thursday... Yuck!

Just stopping by from SITS saying hello.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

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