Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chaos: My last 24 Hours - Part 1

Busy, busy, busy Clip Art Most days are busy, but you know how some days make the average busy day look like you were lazy?  Yesterday was one of those days.

The day started out with work at the post Thrift Shop.  We were closed for the month of July and yesterday was the fist day we were opened again to the public.  Since this is a new job (I’ve only been working there the last week) it was my first day with customers period.  I knew it would be busy, but it was seriously non-stop madness!  From the time we opened the doors until the time I walked out the door to go home, all I did was run around like a chicken with my head cut off! 

It actually reminded me a lot of the day after Thanksgiving sales, tons of people packed in too-small spaces due to an abundance of merchandise on display in an effort to accommodate the enthusiastic throng of bargain shoppers.  These people were on a serious saving money mission, and God help anyone who got in their way! 

Despite the completely hectic nature of the day, I’d have to say all in all it went really well.  The only sticky part for me was when I got suckered into helping a customer carry a bed frame out to her car.  We used to have soldiers who volunteered there, but they were deployed.  These great guys would help with especially heavy items.  Before they came, and now that they’re gone, the general rule is if you buy it, you’re responsible for getting out of the store.  We’re not trying to be heartless, but you have to keep in mind that we mainly function off volunteers, the number of which we have fluctuates daily.  Often, as was the case yesterday, it’s all we can do to get the new donations in and keep the ever depleting racks and shelves re-stocked.  Never mind the 10 steps or so between those two points that are neglected in the interest of time.  So anyway, being new to the job and your typical people pleaser, I helped her carry out this massive bed frame that I swear had to be made of solid steel, because it was so heavy!  We managed to get it out and into her car in three trips, and by the last one, I was feeling the pain in my lower back.  I should mention here that I’ve had a lot of issues with my back, and as a result I had surgery about four years ago.  Even with the surgery I still have a “bad” back, but I’ll discuss this further in a future post.  None the less, I was able to continue out the rest of the day successfully. 

Now, you might be asking yourself why a girl with these types of medical issues would take on such a physically demanding job, and the answer is simple, I needed a job.  For almost a year, I looked for a job to no avail.  When I was finally offered this job I snatched it up like a pair of half priced Jimmy Choos because we really needed the additional income.  Besides, I’m a big believer in fate and positive attitude.  I believe the Universe offered me this job for a reason, and I believe that with the right attitude anything is possible!  

Wow, looks like this post is quickly turning into a novel, so I think I’ll break it up into two parts!  :) 

To find out what happened after work stay tuned for “Part 2”.

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Anne said...

Man a bed frame?? sounds tough!

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