Sunday, August 16, 2009


Facebook F Logo For a long time I have debated back and forth about getting a Facebook account.  I mean seriously, I blog and I twitter do I really need to do whatever it is you do on Facebook too?  Yesterday I read an article about promoting your blog by creating a “Fan Page” in Facebook, and that was it, I was sold.  In order to start a fan page I had to first create my own Facebook account, and so I did.

That’s right I am now officially on Facebook.  I went into it thinking, “Ok, it won’t really be one more thing to maintain, I’ll just use it as a way to market my blog.  Ha-ha.  After just 24 hours with it, I’m totally hooked.  I’ve found both old and dear friends that I’ve lost touch with over the years and new friends I’ve made since being in Hawaii.  The combination of the tow and it’s user friendly interface makes it pretty addictive. 

If you do Facebook, check it out

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Debbie said...

Welcome to facebook! It is addicting, isn't it? I'm on it all the time. As a stay at home mom, I feel like it's one of the few ways I can actually have an "adult conversation" during the daytime. It's nice to catch up with old friends too. Soon enough you'll get pulled into the quizzes and applications and time wasting things too, that come along with facebook. It's kind of a nice stress release though, doing those kind of things. I just became a fan of your page!

Angela said...

You couldn't be more right on Facebook being completely addictive! It has been a great way to find old friends and keep up with people and the applications and quizzes have totally sucked me in because they're so fun!

Thanks for becoming a fan of my page and thanks for stopping by my blog! I love comments like yours, that are really interesting and allow people to get to know each other! Thanks for taking the time to write it and I hope you'll come back soon!

Julie said...

I have a Facebook account. I went gung ho at first with it, was on hours but I haven't done much on it in about a month or so. I have had more fun reading blogs like yours. I am just wondering if Twitter is in my future :)

Anne said...

I have a FB and a Twitter and twitter is so much faster; I didn't expect to get so into it! but FB gives me bonus entries into giveaways, so I'm staying on FB!

Anonymous said...


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