Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boston University Update

BU Terriers Logo Just a quick update to let you know how the BU adventure is progressing!  It’s been a big week for me with BU, and super productive at that!  I registered for my first class, “Rethinking the Classics: Contemporary takes on the Canon.”  Right now I’ll be taking one class each term (7 weeks) and there’s 2 terms in a semester (Fall I/Fall II).  After this year, as long as I have a solid GPA I can double up on my classes and finish sooner, YAY!  I ordered my books and they should be arriving Monday, I cannot wait to get them!  Lastly, I’m in the process of doing my “Online Student Orientation,” so fun! 

I have to say that BU has absolutely made me feel like a BU student, and part of the campus life, which is quite a feat given that I live in Hawaii!  I have received numerous emails from varying members of the BU staff and faculty, along with BU Today and the Daily Free Press the campus newspapers, and BU Shop Bag 3packages via snail mail full of great info and even a BU shopping bag to help the environment!  This, in combination with the online orientation, which helps me meet other BU online students, has really made me feel like part of BU life!

Also, I should know by Wednesday or Thursday of next week what my complete financial aid package will be.  Classes begin Wednesday, September 2nd, and the deadline for payment isn’t until a week after classes begin so I’ll be able to utilize my financial aid and begin classes with no problem! 

Also, with regards to financial aid, as a military spouse I’m eligible to receive $6,000 towards my education with the MyCAA program!  I started this process in July and am so veryMilitary One Source happy to report that I completed it last week!  My MyCAA money will pay for my first 2 classes at BU!  How exciting!  If you’re a military spouse and considering going back to school, I would highly recommend utilizing this benefit! Click here for details!


La Belle Mere UK said...

Good for you Angela!!

Its the start of a brand new life chapter for you!! How exciting!

Good luck.

LBM xxxx

Luke & Erica said...

It is so nice to hear this. I am pumped for you. You sound so excited. I wish I were there with you, rather than dealing with the drama of Safford. Love ya!

Anne said...

nice to have so much of it covered! good luck!

Anonymous said...

It's great. I am happy for you and I really admire your step to go to college again.

All the best

Laura said...

Good to hear you are enjoying your experience! You're lucky to be having the orientation online, my university isn't and costs too much -- luckily I was considered a "transfer" student so I didn't have to attend, lol!

My fiance is looking into joining the military, most likely in the Reserves. Could I benefit from this once I became a spouse?

Angela said...

LBM-Thanks for your support and enthusiasm! I'm so very much looking forward to his chapter!

Erica-Thanks sweets! I wish you could be here too, the Safford drama is so not fun!!! :)

Anne-It's moving along so quickly! They've been great at helping me get everything set up!

Sweet Girl-Thanks for your sweet comment! One day with my hubs encouragement, I realized it's never too late! :)

Laura-I'm so glad my orientation is online! It's been really helpful and totally made me feel like part of the University even though I'm like 12,000 miles away! You know, that's a great question about whether or not you'll be eligible for the MyCAA benefit! Honestly, I'm not sure, but I would advise going to their website and checking it out! Thanks for the comment! :)

carma said...

good luck on going back to school- and it's great you can take advantage of such a wonderful tuition program!

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