Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bigfoot in Arizona?

Beware of Sasquatch Clip Art This afternoon while I was working on the updates for the Spouse’s Club website, Garret (The Mr.) was watching one of my favorite shows, Monster Quest on the History Channel.  The topic tonight was Bigfoot.  Bigfoot has been a repeated topic on this show because there are constantly new sightings and evidence to be analyzed. 

At one point Garret said, “Whoa, you gotta see this,” so I brought the website madness to a momentary hault and he rewound the show to the right spot (seriously, what did we do before DVR’s?  We must have missed all kinds of stuff!)  Anyway what he wanted me to see was this U.S. map marked with the places where frequent Bigfoot sightings  occured.  Some of those sightings took place in southeastern Arizona right around Mt. Graham (the mountain right behind where we lived and visited all the time growing up!)Mt Graham

This is particularly interesting because a couple of years ago me, Garret and a bunch of our friends went camping on the mountain.  Everyone got tired really early and went to sleep, except me and my BFF Tommy.  We stayed up talking, or rather whispering so as not to disturb our slumbering friends, late into the night.  We were deep in conversation, when all of the sudden we heard the weirdest scream/growl we’d ever heard!  It sounded neither human nor animal, and it made the hair on our necks stand up and goose-bumps the size of grapefruits form on our arms.  Even though it sounded pretty far away, it was so loud it totally made us shudder.

We never heard it again and we never found out what it was, but we never forgot about it either.  We’ve often speculated what it was that night.  None of the other campers heard it, and I’m sure they thought we were just imagining it, but we know different. 

Tommy grew up camping and participating in outdoorsy type things.  He’s familiar with the wildlife in our area, and he’s a smart guy, and not even he could guess what would make that noise.  I on the other hand was totally convinced it was something supernatural because I have never heard anything that sounded even remotely close to that, it was such a distinctive and creepy sound.

So given our little experience it’s particularly interesting that there have been frequent Bigfoot sightings in just the area where we were at.  It’s at least something to think about. :)


Jasmin said...

Eek! That is really creepy...I'd probably never go camping again, ha! Too bad you guys didn't get a picture of whatever it could have sold it to a newspaper and then the Big Foot theory will finally have been validated! ;)

Have a great day! Yay for SITS. :)

Ann On and On... said...

Creepy, I camp with my husband all the time. I'm sure if I heard that noise we would be packed up and out of there (on the way to a hotel) in minutes. I wonder what that noise was, or maybe not. ;)

Lisa Anne said...

And that is why I don't go camping. Or maybe it's because I have to sleep on the floor and go to the bathroom in dirty nasty toilets. lol Not to mention all the creepy noises. I wonder what it was?

Debbie said...

Wow, that's a crazy story! Kind of freaky! Have you ever seen the movie "Harry and the Hendersons"? Very funny Bigfoot movie!

Ruchi said...

I was actually just walking around your blog after participating in the Lunch money give away, and I came across this post!

God! This sounds scary.. I had a similar experience back in high school on a camping trip to some not-too-far village where me and a few of my friends decided to give in to the adrenaline rush and took off from campsite past midnight to explore some moises we heard, only to come back running in all sweaty and scared 15 mins later, after we heard some really creepy noises we couldnt associate with anything living on this planet!

Of course! not many believed us, but we still stand by our story!!

Still gives me the chills,


Anne said...

That would be creepy! I'm glad I wasn't around; I'm such a chicken!

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