Monday, August 31, 2009

Want a laugh?

Cell Phone Clip Art This weekend while at a friend’s house I was told to check out the website “Texts from Last Night.”  It’s a website that publishes people texts from the night before, most of which were sent in a drunken state.  All I can say is it was hilarious!  A couple of my favorites that come to mind:

“Having a ‘I’m an SDSU Mom’ bumper sticker is like saying my daughter has STD!”  I must laughed for five minutes straight! 

“Checking your phone to see who you drunk dialed last night isn’t as funny when you see you had a 17 minute call to your dad.”

Sometimes you have to read for a while to find the Ha Ha Clip Artgreat  ones, and I have to warn you that some of the messages do get a bit risque (to say the least), but if you’re looking for a good laugh, you should totally check it out!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boston University Update

BU Terriers Logo Just a quick update to let you know how the BU adventure is progressing!  It’s been a big week for me with BU, and super productive at that!  I registered for my first class, “Rethinking the Classics: Contemporary takes on the Canon.”  Right now I’ll be taking one class each term (7 weeks) and there’s 2 terms in a semester (Fall I/Fall II).  After this year, as long as I have a solid GPA I can double up on my classes and finish sooner, YAY!  I ordered my books and they should be arriving Monday, I cannot wait to get them!  Lastly, I’m in the process of doing my “Online Student Orientation,” so fun! 

I have to say that BU has absolutely made me feel like a BU student, and part of the campus life, which is quite a feat given that I live in Hawaii!  I have received numerous emails from varying members of the BU staff and faculty, along with BU Today and the Daily Free Press the campus newspapers, and BU Shop Bag 3packages via snail mail full of great info and even a BU shopping bag to help the environment!  This, in combination with the online orientation, which helps me meet other BU online students, has really made me feel like part of BU life!

Also, I should know by Wednesday or Thursday of next week what my complete financial aid package will be.  Classes begin Wednesday, September 2nd, and the deadline for payment isn’t until a week after classes begin so I’ll be able to utilize my financial aid and begin classes with no problem! 

Also, with regards to financial aid, as a military spouse I’m eligible to receive $6,000 towards my education with the MyCAA program!  I started this process in July and am so veryMilitary One Source happy to report that I completed it last week!  My MyCAA money will pay for my first 2 classes at BU!  How exciting!  If you’re a military spouse and considering going back to school, I would highly recommend utilizing this benefit! Click here for details!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lil Cutie Hairbows!

My sister Erica is hosting her first giveaway over at her blog “Lil Cutie Hairbows!” The prize is a set of Halloween Korker Bows!

Halloween Corkers Flowers

Aren’t they adorable!!!  This is how they would look on:

Bows on Avery

Here are some of the other bows she offers for purchase:

Stacker Bows

Brown Flower Bow

Pink Bows  

Red Polka Dot Bows

Tell me these aren’t the cutest things you’ve ever seen! 

Prices vary from $2-$5, so beyond affordable!  Bows can be sold separately or as a set. If you are interested in purchasing, please send email  her at and let her know what you are interested in.

She’s also in the process of starting an Etsy Shop, and is operating under MyThreeAngels and LilCutieHairBows on Etsy! 

Check out “Lil Cutie Hairbows” blog for more styles and info on purchasing!

“Mad Money Giveaway” Extended!

Calendar Clip Art Since this is the last giveaway I’m going to be able to do for a while, and the prize is a sweet $50 (in the form of a Visa Gift Card), I decided to run my “Mad Money Giveaway” for two more weeks!!!  The new deadline will be September 11th @ Midnight (EST).  Now not only will even more people be able to join in on the fun, but it will also give those who’ve already entered even more chances to win!!!  Winners will be announced on Monday, September 14th @ Noon (EST).

Women and Money clip art

Just a reminder that each time you leave a comment on a different post you’re entered to win!  This means not only can you comment on new posts, but you can also comment on older posts in the archive too.  Another tip is to use the “Random Posts” button on my new toolbar (located at the bottom of the screen) to generate a random post, and the “Recent Posts” button to see a list of my most recent posts!  Remember you don’t need to submit an entry form for comments and you don’t have to comment on the “Mad Money Giveaway Post” to let me know that you’ve commented.  The way my comments are set up, notifies me each time a comment is left and what post it’s left on.  From there I enter your name, and the name of the post commented on into a spreadsheet.  I use this spreadsheet to track all entries including those submitted via the entry form and those who enter by becoming a Facebook Follower.  For complete details on all the ways to enter, click here.

Additionally I tweet each time I put up a new post including the URL of the post, so if you follow me on Twitter you’ll be able to know the minute there’s a new post to comment on! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the “Contact Form” found after the post(s) on the bottom of any page!  Many thanks to all those who’ve already participated in this giveaway! Now let’s have some more fun with it!

You're the Best

New book!

A Circle of Souls I belong to an internet group called “Book Blogs.”  It’s a great place to network with other book enthusiasts, especially for authors who want to promote their new books.  A few weeks ago, an author named Preetham Grandhi, asked if I would be interested in reading and reviewing his new book, “A Circle of Souls.”  He gave a brief summary of the book, a psychological murder mystery/thriller, set in a small town in Connecticut.  I was totally sold, because from his description it sounded like book I would buy and read anyway.  A few days ago it arrived, yay!

I had been reading, Wally Lamb’s “The Hour I First Believed,” but I decided to put that one back on my bookshelf for aHour I First Believed while, just until I can read “A Circle of Souls.”  Wally Lamb is one of my favorite authors, and “The Hour I First Believed” is an excellent book thus far, but it’s a very, very long book.  The length combined with the fact that it’s a hardcover makes it particularly heavy, so I can’t simply throw it in my purse and take it with me wherever I go in case I end up waiting in a line or something and have some time to read it.  Doing this allows me to finish books quickly given that I’ve been busy lately and haven’t had as much time to read as I would like. 

My thinking is that I’ll be able to read and review “A Circle of Souls” in a fraction of the time it would take me to read “The Hour I First Believed.”  Stay tuned for the review of “A Circle of Souls” by Preetham Grandhi!

Five Fun Facts for Friday!

Elbow Clip Art 1. It is impossible to lick your elbow! Don’t you know the second I read this I immediately tried to do it! :)

2. 15% of Americans secretly bite Feet Clip Art their toes. Ewww and damn they must be pretty limber!

Cotton Swab Clip Art 3. Q-Tip Cotton Swabs were originally called Baby Gays. Bizarre.  I wonder why they thought that name would be appropriate?Getting Married Comedic Clip Art

4. 12% of Americans think that Joan of Arc was Noah’s  wife.  Only 12%, I’m surprised it’s not more.

Orange Juice Clip Art 2 5. According to US FDA standards, 1 cup of orange juice is allowed to contain 10 fruit fly eggs, but only 2 maggots. Can that seriously be true? Scary!

--2 Bonus Fun Facts! (Because they’re just fun to share and I always have a hard time deciding which ones will make the top five list!)yawning clip art

-Most people who read the word yawning, will yawn! I know I did!Army Officer Clip Art

-A group of officers is called a mess.  Given my experience with the Army, I can see why that is! :)

Today’s fun facts were provided by Fun Funny Facts and  Fun Factz.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Parting Ways

Goodbye Crying Clip Art Tuesday I officially resigned from my position as Webmaster on the Governing Board of the Hui.  With school starting I’m really having to re-evaluate my priorities (family, school, work, volunteering-in that order), and reassess the amount of time I have to give to volunteering.  I enjoyed being the Hui Webmaster and I learned so much doing it, but I’m just a little more passionate about my other commitments. 

Army Family Team Building is an incredible program and I have learned a tremendous amount of useful and beneficial information in just the short time I’ve been involved with it.  Being an AFTB instructor, is doubly rewarding because notTeaching Clip Art only do I get to learn by being a part of the program, but I, in turn, get to teach the knowledge I’ve gained to other Army Spouses and potentially make there life a little easier.  I genuinely love teaching (I hope to teach the law later in life), and I feel like my talents are much better utilized as a part of this program.

I am also passionate about Army Family Action Plan.  It allows all those affiliated with the Army to have a voice (often a rare Talking Group Clip Art commodity in the military) and potentially solve problems that are causing soldiers and their families strife.  My role as a AFAP Facilitator is to go out into the Army community and make people aware of this program and encourage them to take part in it.  I absolutely adore meeting and talking to new people, and again, I think my talents and interests are much better suited in this program as well.

Finally, I really want to dedicate more time to starting my charity, With Love.  I am most passionate about this ideHeart and Stick Figurish Clip Arta, as I can make a direct impact on someone’s life in a time of  need, by doing something I love doing, crocheting!  I want nothing more than to be able to offer a simple gift such as a baby hat (at a time when nothing else would fit such this small and beautiful baby) that says, “This hat was made with love specially for your new baby! Congratulations on your miracle!”

So after much thought weighing the pros and cons of all of my volunteer obligations, it was the Spouse’s Club that I decided to let go of.  The Hui President, being the amazing woman that she is, couldn’t have been more supportive.  She was a teacher in a former life, and encouraged me to do whatever I felt I needed to do to ensure that my education would be top priority.  I agreed to stay on for the next two   weeks while sBye Clip Arthe looks for someone new, and to help make the transition as seamless as possible.  The Hui taught me a lot, and I will deeply miss it, but the time has come to say good-bye and let someone else benefit from this great organization like I have.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Crochet Projects

Here are a few of the hats I managed to finish this weekend.  I was in the mood to make flowers, and it shows!  Only one of the hats I made came from an actual pattern, the other two were created by me just playing around with my hook and some yarn!  I love it when those actually work out!  One of my hats, I have a pattern for, the other I do not (I totally wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing!).  All of the flowers I used came from here.

Br Hat 1 Helene Hat with Double Shell Flower

RWB Hat 2 No pattern for this one, but the flower is a Lazy Shell Flower

Black 1

The flower is a Double Shell Flower

Fun Black Toddler Hat


  • Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Black)
  • Size H Hook


  • Round 1: Ch 5, sl st to join
  • Round 2: Ch 2, DC same st, 2 DC in each st around, join
  • Round 3: Ch 2, DC same st, *1 DC in the next st, 2 DC in the next st* repeat from * to * 2 DC in last st, join
  • Round 4: Ch 2, DC same st, *1 DC next 2 st, 2 DC next st* repeat from * to * 2 DC in last st, join
  • Round 5: Ch 2, DC in same st, *1 DC in next 3 st, 2 DC in the next st* repeat from * to * 2 DC in last st, join
  • Round 6-9: Ch 2, DC in same st, DC in each st around, join
  • Border: Ch 1, SC in same st, Ch 1 *SC in next st, Ch 1* repeat from * to * around, join and fasten off.

I found some new hat and scarf patterns, hopefully I’ll have those up soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Five Fun Facts for Friday!

Today I just couldn’t decide, so it’s actually “Eight Fun Facts for Friday” but five sounds better in the title so I didn’t change it!  I hope you find these as interesting as I did!

1. A group of crows is called a murder (No wonder why  Crow Clip Art Group crows are so creepy!)

2. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had onlHitler Clip Arty one testicle (That explains a lot! No wonder why he  always looked so angry/unhappy!)

3. A chiChicken Featherless Clip Artcken loses its feathers when it becomes   stressed (Sad, not only are they stressed, they’re  funny looking too? Well, I mean more funny looking than usual.)

4. Dolphins can swim and sleep at the samDolphin with attitude Clip Arte time (Talk about multi-tasking! Hmm, I wonder if the dolphins I saw doing a show at Sea World were awake asleep? )

5. Thirty Bingo Clip Art with watermark acrosspercent of all bingo players are under the age of 35 (This blows the stereotype straight to hell! 

6. The tip of a bullwhip moves sBoom Clip Arto fast that it breaks the sound barrier. The crack of  the whip is actually a tiny sonic boom.  (I thought this one was so interesting!)

Fish Clip Art Orange7. A newly hatched fish is called a "fry." (Is this where we got the phrase “Fish Fry?”)

8. Turtles can breathe through their Turtle Clip Art with little red hat onbutts  (This one totally made me laugh! How do you suppose that works?)


Have a fabulous weekend!

Today’s fun facts were provided by

Thursday, August 20, 2009


BU Logo Oh happy day! I just found that I was accepted to Boston University!!! This is the news I had been waiting for to make my final decision about where I would be finishing my bachelor’s degree. I am so beyond excited!  I have a student ID number and everything! :)

It’s such a great school, with a stellar reputation! It’s a top   100 school coming in at #54 in the US News and WorldBU Lake Photo Report  ranking, and in a world schools ranking done by academic types in came in at #40 of 400! It’s also got the #20 law school in the nation!

Those of you who have read my other blog, know I really did  not want to go to online school.  However, given my current situation and not knowing where we will be from one day to the next (gotta love the military life) I felt it was my bestBU Historic     option to ensure I would be able to complete my degree in a timely fashion.

Thus began endless research on the validity and credibility of online degrees.  Throughout my search, I came across some very interesting information.  For example, online graduate degrees tend to have more credibility than undergraduate degrees.  The overall consensus on online bachelor’s degrees was this, it varies.  Depending on the online school in question and the graduate school or employment opportunity you are applying for, it can either carry the same weight as a traditional school, or less.  The majority of resources I looked at, said online degrees from traditional schoolsBU Sidwalk Photo that happen to have an online degree program are the best way to go.  The reason?  Because these schools do not differentiate between their online or traditional programs.  Case in point, my school (oh, how I love saying that), Boston University and other schools like New York University and many of the Universities of California offer online bachelor’s degree programs and once you graduate, you are simply a graduate of that institution.  I cannot wait to go to graduation in Boston!

This is of particular value to me considering my bachelor’s degree is just another step towards my ultimate goal of goingBU Fall Phototo law school and becoming an attorney.  Having a degree from BU will put me in a prime position to apply to the kind of law schools I so desperately want to attend, the ivies. 

Even if I end up going to BU’s law school, I can’t go wrong.  After all they are #20 in the country! Also, being a BU alumnus would be in my favor when applying to their law school. 

BU Lake pic My degree will be an interdisciplinary degree in Liberal Studies focusing on the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.  It is a philosophy based degree, which will also bode well for me in my pursuit of law school, as those with a philosophy undergrad degree, typically score very well on the LSAT.  The only drawback is the cost of going to BU, a selective, private university, which will run me about 39K.  Steep, but in the long term totally worth it!

I was looking at the course schedule today, and I was both excited and a little nervous.  Ok, truth be told I sort of wanted puke.  This program will be challenging.  They’re absolutely amazing classes (perfect for me and the kinds of  Boston skyline at night things I love to study), and they will definitely help prepare me for law school and practicing law, but I have a feeling they will be difficult to say the least!  While I had a 4.0 at the community college (EA) I attended and was in the top 4% of my class there, this a totally different ball game and I’m scared to death (in a good way)! :)

It’s kind of surreal actually.  I worked so hard for 2 years  while at EA, then I had to take a yBoston University at Nightear off when we moved to Hawaii.  In the early spring I filed my FAFSA and began my research while seeing how things would go for us and the Army.  Now a year and a few months later, what I wanted more than anything when I left EA, to transfer to a stellar university, has actually happened, and I can hardly believe it’s real.  BU watch out, because here I come!

BU Logo 3

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