Friday, July 17, 2009

Writing Update

Recently I've been working on the outline for the novel I want to write.  My first novel actually, and while I've had this dream since virtually the day I was born, that's all it's been, a dream.   Well not anymore!  Keeping with the current theme of my life, which is that the years are going to pass regardless, so might as well do something productive with them, I've jumped feet first into the novel I want to write! 

Unfortunately at this stage it's a lot of outlining, character development, story arcs, etc., and actually, not so much writing which is a bummer, considering that's my favorite part.   It's also the part I need to refine and hone into a well crafted art form.  So, I've decided a great way to accomplish this is to enter writing contests.  Usually contests have a theme you have to write around, a word limit, and a deadline.  All things that a professional author would need to be able to do well.  Additionally, I'm coming up with some article ideas to write about, and maybe try to get some freelance work.  That way, not only am I honing my craft, but I'm also making a little extra money too.  The freelance market is very competitive, so I thought I would start out with a few writing contests first, to get my feet wet.

This week I entered my first writing contest!  The contest was sponsored by the blog, The Clarity of Night, who's owner, Jason Evans, is both and an attorney and author, how fitting is that, he's totally got my dream jobs!  The contest will be judged by him and a guest judge, Jaye Wells, who is also an author.  Her debut novel Red-Headed Step Child was released this spring.  Jason provided a picture as the inspiration for this contest, and we were to write a 250 word short story about our inspirations of the picture.  There were 158 total entries, and I was number 158. 

I was really nervous, and quite frankly a little intimidated  to enter because the level of talent of those who entered this contest before me and previous contests is extraordinary!  Despite this, I bit the bullet and took the plunge, and I'm so glad I did!  This was a great experience for me!  First of all, it got me writing, which was the number one goal to begin with, but also because it took me outside my writing comfort zone and challenged me.  In the end I was pretty pleased with the result, although since I submitted it, I've thought of about a hundred different ways I could've improved it and made it so much better, but that happens sometimes.

I'm really happy, and even a little proud of myself for having the nerve to enter this contest and put my writing on display for others (very talented and gifted others at that) to read and critique.  It's sort of a gut wrenching experience to say the least, but if I ever want to have any hope at being a professional writer, I'll have to get used to it.  I'm hoping contests like this will help me in that endeavor. 

I've already found the next contest I'm going to enter, and am actively working on that story as well.   Click here to see my entry in The Clarity of Night "In Vino Veritas (Truth in Wine)" Short Fiction Contest.

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