Sunday, July 19, 2009

AFTB Instructor Update

This past week I taught my first AFTB class at the WLC.  The WLC is a month long leadership training course for Specialists and Corporals who want to be promoted to Sergeant.  Soldiers taking this course live at the NCO Academy for the duration of the course. The spouse of the Soldier attending WLC is invited to attend our day of Level I classes there and as an added incentive they get to have lunch with their spouse.  It works out well given that not only do they get to see their spouses who are away for a month, but they also get the valuable information our program offers, many of which would not know of its existence otherwise. 

All in all I was really pleased with how well it went.  Even though I'd put in a good 20 hours of preparation for it, I feared that something might go wrong.  I was ecstatic that, for the most part, it was smooth sailing!  The only rough spot was that normally the class I was teaching (Financial Readiness) would be a 75 minute class, but all the classes are reduced to only 30 minutes at the WLC to work into a one day schedule.  When I got the signal from Shelly, our Volunteer Program Manager, that I had five minutes left, I thought she was joking.  I felt like I'd only been talking for five minutes, not 25 minutes!  That said, I had to bust a move to get through the rest of it, but luckily I have some experience with talking at an accelerated rate if need be, and was able to cover everything.

At the end of my class, Cat, the paid Program Manager, whom I absolutely adore and am quickly becoming good friends with, gave a little shpill about how this was my first class as an instructor and that she didn't want to embarrass me, but that she thought I did a great job and wanted to give me a hand.  The rest of the class joined in clapping, and I have to say I wasn't embarrassed at all, but rather completely thrilled and elated!

I also got a stellar critique from Shelly, who as the Volunteer Program Manager is both present at all AFTB classes, and required to do evaluations of new instructors on their first three classes. 

As I walked back to my car with Angie, the instructor who taught the last class after me, she also said that I did a good job.  Needless to say I was virtually on Cloud 9 on my drive home.

Like I've said before, this organization is made up of the best people, and I'm so happy to be a part of it!  I plan on teaching some of the Level I classes offered next month, as well as taking the remaining Levels, II and III, so I can begin teaching those too!

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