Monday, July 27, 2009


I just received a letter stating that I got into Walden University!  Double happy day (see my post entitled Writing Feedback for more info)!  Walden is one of three online schools I'm looking at attending this fall.  Two of these schools require you apply and be accepted just like a traditional college because they are actually in fact traditional colleges that happen to have online programs.  

This is really exciting news!  Now I just have to decide which school will be the one for me.  All of them have great aspects to their programs that would fit my needs and future academic goals extremely well.  Unfortunately this decision is on hold until I hear from the last school on my list, Boston University.  Their application deadline for the fall online semester isn't until Friday, July 31st, and I'm in still in the process of completing it.  According to my admissions advisor, after submitting it I should have the decision within a couple of weeks.  So until then, the final verdict will be put on hold.

Too bad Hawaii doesn't sell lottery tickets, because good fortune like today's doesn't happen very often! :)

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