Friday, July 17, 2009

Academic Update

Here's where I currently stand in the process of getting back into  school this fall.

  • Kaplan University:  Application submitted.  College transcripts received.  Waiting on high school transcripts.  At this stage in the process I'm ready to see what type of financial aid packages would be available to me here.
  • Walden University:  Application submitted, including goal statement essay.  Just waiting on one of my college transcripts and then my application will be presented to the admissions board.  This is one of the schools that you have to be accepted for admission to enroll.
  • Boston University:  College transcripts have been received.  Waiting on high school transcripts.  Currently working on application, including 500 word personal statement essay.  I couldn't submit my application until my transcripts had been received and evaluated.  I got word two days ago that this step had been completed and I was clear to submit my application.  I plan to have it in by the end of next week, but technically I have until the deadline, July 31st.  This is the other school that requires me to be accepted  for admission to enroll.

I would be truly happy to attend each of these universities.  All of them have something phenomenal to offer in an undergraduate degree program.  Either way, they all start at the end of August or the beginning of September, so one way or another we'll know soon which one it's going to be.  I'll definitely be keeping you posted.

NOTE:  I think it's comical that some schools still require my high school transcripts.  I mean that was just so long ago. 

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