Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Crochet Projects!!!!!

As promised here are the pictures of the other two baby blankets I've recently completed.  I posted two different photos of each "Bubbles Baby Blanket" this time to give you a better look at the pattern stitch.  These have easily become my favorite blanket to make!  In answer to my sister Erica's question, I can generally turn one out in five to eight hours, depending on the size I'm making.  It's so easy to adjust the size, which is yet another reason why I love this pattern. 

Also, there is a picture of another dish towel I made for my sister and her husband in honor of their new house!  The pattern for this particular dish towel works up beautifully!  It does however eat up a lot of yarn, and it is strangely time consuming-meaning it took me almost as long to make the dish towel as it did to make the smaller Bubbles Baby Blanket.



Bubbles Baby Blanket for Abby




Bubbles Baby Blanket for Braden

Hi Five Dishtowel

Hi-Five Dish Towel for Alisa and Todd

Now that I've got all these projects finished, all I have to do is get them in the mail.  For some reason the latter is so much harder than the former, go figure.



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kim39555 said...

Wow great job on your works. I love doing crafty things, but crochet in one that I haven't tried yet. I think you are inspiring me to do just that.

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