Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Message to My Mom on Mother's Day . . . .


"The greatest gift I could give to you, would be for you to see yourself the way I see you"

This quote says it all. You are such an amazing person, it's hard to encapsulate all that I feel about you in words. You are so intelligent and wise. You have provided me with so much insight into myself and the world around us. You have made my world a better place by sharing your wisdom and offering guidance during times of great difficulty and strife.

You are caring and loving. You have added to my joy with your infinite support and encouragement. You have been there when I felt I could turn to no one else.

You are strong and steadfast. You have loved me even when it was most difficult to do so, and when I caused you so much pain. You never stopped believing in me, even when I stopped believing in myself. When I wandered off my path, you took my hand and showed me the way back.

We have shared laughter and tears. We have seen hopes and dreams shattered, and together we have rejoiced in goals achieved. The person I am now, would not exist if not for you. You understand me as no other could, and you elevate me as no other would.

I feel so lucky and blessed to have you as my mom, and even more so to call you my friend.

I love you-

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