Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's Your Sign?

Astrology has always fascinated me.  For as long as I can remember I have felt a strong connection to my sun sign, Gemini.  This ability to identify so much with something, compelled me to seek out mountains of information on the subject.  Time and time again I found it was able to describe me and my life so accurately it would've been eerie if it wasn't so cool. 


Like my new "World of Tarot" series, this is the first post in another new series I'm featuring on this blog called "What's Your Sign".  As you could've guessed from the title, it will focus on all things astrologically related. 

Astrology has been said to be the oldest science.  Long ago it was considered to be one with astronomy.  Whereas astronomy studies those entities that inhabit the sky and how they interact within the universe, astrology studies the movements of said entities and how these movements relate to and effect the actions and thoughts of humans.  Just like any other science it is very complex, so for the purposes of this series we will focus on the part of astrology most people are at least somewhat familiar with the sun signs. 

Before we get into that however, a little background information is necessary.  A birth chart is a diagram of the zodiac at the exact time of your birth.  The three major components that most astrologers will look for first are your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign.  Your sun sign is reflective of where the sun was at the time of your birth.  Your moon sign is reflective of which sign the moon was in at the time of your birth.  Your rising sign is reflective of which sign was rising at the time of your birth.  This sign is indicative of your outward demeanor and to a large extent determines how the outside world looks at you.  For this reason It is usually more telling than the popular sun sign, and throughout history was more frequently utilized as a result.  However, in order to determine your rising sign you must know the time of your birth which many people do not know which is how the sun sign rose into popularity because only your date of birth is needed to determine it.  Keep in mind this a huge oversimplification of a birth chart, there is much more to it.  If you are interested in getting your own check out this link to the astrology cafe which offers them for free.  Just know in order to get the comprehensive version you have to know your date, TIME and place of birth. 

As I previously mentioned astrology is a very complex science and in an effort to not overload you with too much, too quickly I will say good-bye for now.  The next entry in this series will discuss sun sign triplicities, quadruplicities and polarity. 

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