Sunday, April 19, 2009


I once heard that there are more websites on the internet than there are people in the world.  I don't know how true that is, but judging by the number of results you get when you Google something, particularly something like an issue every American should have on their priority list like American Idol or Brittney Spears, I would say this statement is true.

The question is how do you go about weeding out the not-so-great-and-downright-terrible-sites and find the truly-spectacular-can't live-without-sites?  The answer, StumbleUpon.  I actually heard about this site several months ago and even though it sounded cool at the time, I didn't pursue it further.  Big mistake.

For those of you who haven't been blessed to be a Stumbler, StumbleUpon is a website that allows you to select your interests and then goes out and traverses the ever expanding and beyond vast world wide web and finds sites relative to those interests. (For those of you who are a Stumbler and didn't bother telling me what I was missing, you suck.)  They offer many, many interests in varying categories to choTyping 1 Clip Artse from.  Then you simply hit the "Stumble" icon and you're off.  In mere seconds (depending on your internet connection) you're first site pops up.  You decide whether or not you like or dislike a site by clicking either the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" icon.  If you want to stay and peruse the sight you can or you can hit stumble again.  If you select the "thumbs up" it's added to your favorites (not the favorites in your browser, the favorites in your StumbleUpon account).  The more times you stumble and the more likes and dislikes it catalogs for you, the more specific-to-you profile it comes up with for you, resulting in even more sites you'll love!!!  It's truly a thing of genius. 

You do have to register first, and by register I mean enter your email, select a username, and pick a password.  It's not exactly rocket science.  Later, after I had Stumbled for a while I went back, built my profile and added my pic, because anymore profiles are like dessert, not totally necessary but adds to the overall experience.  You can also add tags, give your own reviews, and communicate with other Stumblers.

One of my favorite features is the ability to stumble specific "Channels" like Blogger or Flickr.  This is great because I love finding a good blog, but often I have to sift through so many duds about things I have zero interest in, that I get tired and give up.  Not anymore.  There's also a great toolbar you can install and Firefox has an Add-On for it.

I added a list to my sidebar of just a few of the great sites I found while Stumbling last night.  Which reminds me, I should warn you about how easy it is to lose track of time on StumbleUpon.  If you have to be somewhere, or need to take something out of the oven, just make sure to watch the clock, because this site is crazily addictive and before you know it, it's a week later and you haven't eaten, slept, showered or even moved from you seat.  Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but you get the picture.

I love the internet.  Think about it, anything you need or want is at your fingertips whenever you want it.  If you want to learn Chinese, or how to carve a watermelon into a pirate ship, or what the top exporters of Zimbabwe are, it's there.  The biggest problem with the internet is the sheer volume it offers, and like a technological needle in a haystack how can one person possibly sort through it all?  With StumbleUpon, problem solved.

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Luke & Erica said...

Girlfriend you have been busy. I found a really cute hat I thought you might want to try and make. I will have to email you a pic. Miss you, Muah!!!

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