Saturday, April 18, 2009

Current Projects . . . .

I'm currently working on a few loom knitting and crochet projects. I hadn't crocheted in years, but I had so much fun making the crocheted shell border on my loom knitted baby blanket that I decided to get back into the crocheting game. I'm starting off with a few easy patterns, just until I get back into the swing of things.

Sweat Pea Afghan

Sweat Pea Afghan I first saw this afghan on Lion Brand's website, and I totally fell in love with it. Instead of using the yarn specified, which I love to work with, but is a little pricey, I used coordinating colors by Red Heart in their Super Saver line available at Wal-Mart. I'll probably make two of these afghans. The first one is to work out the kinks and get back into the groove of crocheting. The second will be to give as an actual gift to my sister for one of her three beautiful girls, and depending on how the Red Heart yarn turns out, I might decide to use the Lion Brand yarn instead. The pattern is free at Lion

Speed Hook Baby Blanket

Speed Hook Baby Blanket This is another one from Lion Brand (they have the best website). I knew I had to do it, when I realized I already had the perfect yarn for it. I'm making slight modifications to this pattern as well. For example I'll either be using a size P or Q hook, instead of the Lion Brand's Speed Hook which is a size S. Also, I may only use two strands of yarn instead of three. I'm doing some preliminary experimenting before I decide for sure. This crochet project compliments the Sweet Pea Afghan because together they utilize many crocheting techniques. When they're both finished, I will have had a very comprehensive crocheting review! This pattern is also free at Lion

Loom Knitting Project

The loom knitting project I'm currently working on, and just about in the middle of, is a baby blanket for Garrets, best friend Albert who's coming to visit us tomorrow. His son, Mallus, was born in September and I've been wanting to do a blanket for him for a while now. Nothing like someone's impending arrival to get you to kick it into high gear and finally make it. It's a version of the blue baby blanket I recently finished, except it has three panels instead of two; it's twice as long (112 rows instead of 60), and I'm making it using black yarn instead of blue. I'm going to use a varigaded camo yarn for the border. I haven't totally decided on what type of border to use, the same crocheted shells or an I-chord. Either way, it's coming along better than I could've hoped and I'm growing more and more excited to see the finished project. (Since this is my own pattern, I won't have a picture until it's done and for a general guideline you can use the baby blanket pattern and make the above noted modifications.)

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