Sunday, December 21, 2008

This way lies madness . . . . .

I swear I wasn't lying when I promised more soon to come, although I guess it sort of depends on what your definition of soon is for that to be true. None the less, I haven't forgotten about my blog. In fact it's quite the opposite, I've been hard at work designing it, picking out the background, font colors, etc. Not to metion I also simultaneously started a blog for my husband and I at the same time, so I've been doing the previously mentioned times two! Add to that the madness and chaos of the holidays and trying to get up a tree, buy and wrap Christmas presents, and plan a Christmas Eve dinner, well, needless to say my time has been evaporating before my eyes. Thankfully in the last few days I have made large strides towards accomplishing the many tasks before me. As things become more normalized, I am anxious to begin writing regular blog entries. After all I have much to say, and anyone who knows me, knows this much is true.

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