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Friday, November 13, 2009

Close Encounter?

So I know I've said this before, but I seriously think I've been abducted by aliens. I mean how else could it already be the middle of November? I looked at the date, and then I looked at it again, and I'm in shock! It's been weeks since my last post, weeks! What's going on here? Aliens, that's the only possible explanation for my sever loss of time. Not homework, or Army life, or my health, etc. Nope, it's gotta be those blasted aliens again. :)

Seriously, after all the drama October brought to my already chaotic life, I've been a little out of sync when it comes to posting. Meanwhile my list of post topics grows longer and longer everyday. I honestly just can't believe it's been so long since my last post. In my mind it's only been a few days. Wow. I'm speechless, and trust me that does not happen very often! :)

I haven't given up blogging and I'm determined, more than ever, to get back in my normal blogging groove, ASAP! So be on the lookout, because next week I will have a new post everyday (like normal) or I will die trying. Okay, I suppose that was a little over dramatic, but you get the jist. :)
Until then . . . . .

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Best Blog Award

While I was away MamaOTwins+1 from 3 Boys+1 Hubby= What Next??? was kind enough to bestow upon me the Best Blog Award. I need to mention that the day I received this news had been particularly heinous, as I had been dealing with Army and civilian idiots for hours. Getting this award literally made my day, and help to redeem my faith in humanity that there are good and generous people out there. Please stop by MamaOTwins+1's blog when you get a minute to spread some bloggy love, she has some great posts that are both informative and entertaining!   

Now without further ado, in keeping with the tradition of blog awards, it is now my honor to pass this baby along to 5 fellow bloggers and my recipients are:

Gaelikaa for both of her blogs, Out of Ireland into India and Gaelikaa's Diary. She has inspired me on more than one occasion through her candid and eloquent writings, and virtually every time I visit one of her blogs I learn something new.

Messina at And then there was me. Whatever she's writing about from all things related to being a Mom to her inner thoughts on anything and everything her writings are simply poetic. As if that weren't enough she blends this amazing poetic ability with wit, which makes for a killer combo.

Jayne at Misplaced City Girl. Her insight (more often than not combined with wit) yield post after post of good reading! What I love most is her killer personality that shines though, no matter what she's writing about! She also hosts a ton of giveaways and has the inside scoop on new products too.

Krystel at Army Wives 101. This woman is a key tool in navigating the often stormy waters as an Army Wife. She devotes her time selflessly to ensure than other Army Spouses have a place to go for much needed information, as well as entertainment and giveaways! A one stop shop of Army resources and fun!

Jessica at Baby Davis Michael. Her blog is beautiful and an absolute reflection of all that she holds precious, hence the name! :) Her writings are honest, poignant and entertaining too! Her posts always draw me in, which says something considering I don't have kids and still i can't stop reading! :)

Thanks again to MamaOTwins+1 for this most rockin award and congratulations to my nominees!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Skinny

Wow, it feels so good to be blogging again! I cannot believe it's been 2 weeks since I've been in my normal blogging groove! So much, and I emphasize both SO and MUCH, has happened in the time I was gone that in an effort to keep this post from becoming a mini-novel I'm going to give a very abridged version of the story.

Firstly, I'm feeling much better. The viral infection of my heart seems to have dissipated almost completely. I say almost because I am still having bouts of intermittent chest pain. This however is nothing compared to how I felt previously and therefore it leads me to believe its resolving itself and I will be feeling completely symptom free soon.

Secondly, the hubs unfortunately is not feeling so great. His nerve damage continues to worsen, so much so that it's making his right leg have sporadic episodes of intense weakness. He's fallen four times in the last two weeks as a result of these episodes. in fact, the last time he fell, he hit his head and was briefly unconscious. In a state of sheer panic, I called 911. The ambulance took him to the hospital on a backboard with a C collar on to make sure he didn't have any serious neck or head injuries. The good news is that besides a minor whiplash injury, his head and neck are okay. He had one handsome bump on his head and a heck of headache the next day, which was also accompanied by some residual dizziness, but that was only temporary. The bad news is that his leg still continues to have episodes of weakness, and thus I'm still concerned he might be seriously injured if he should fall again.

In relation to the hubs latest health drama, the Army, specifically his company, has kept with the tradition to be as stupid and unconcerned as possible. At least they're consistent, note the sarcasm here. For example, the night he was in the hospital, we were in there until after 2;30 AM and didn't get home until after 3:00 AM. Instead of letting me bring in his paperwork, which stated he had the next two days off per physicians orders, his Motor Sgt. (being the complete bastard that he is) required him to be at the company at 6:00 AM to turn it in himself. He was exhausted and in pain, and yet his jack ass of a Motor Sgt. will take any step or measure he can to make my hubs life harder. As an NCO his job priorities are simple: 1)The mission and 2)The welfare of the soldiers under him. He has failed time and time again on regarding the latter and as a result he's failed the former. I had decided I was done playing this stupid game of his and leaving our future left in the hands of incompetent idiots who obviously don't give a damn, but then we found out from his physician (who by the way I plan to file a complaint with the Med Board since he's a civilian doc, but that's a-whole-nother story) that my hubs was accepted into the WTU! Hurrah! We've been praying, hoping and wishing desperately for this, so it's indeed an answer to our prayer! Supposedly he'll be transferred there in the next 7-10 days. Once there his whole job will be to focus on getting better. Basically all he has to do is go to his appointments and then go home and rest, thus the "focus on getting better' part. I will definitely keep you posted about this. Oh, and back to the doctor, I don't even want to get into that story right now, as every time I think about it, my blood boils, but I will say this. I'm not going to file my complaint until my hubs is safely in the WTU. At this point, after waiting 4 months for something that should've taken 30 days, I don't want to do anything that would jeapordize his getting into the WTU.

Also, the night that my hubs fell and had to go to the hospital, was the night before my final paper (worth 40% of my grade) was due. Needless to say it was late. My rockin' awesome facilitator gave me an extension, and in the end I got a 95% on it! Needless to say I was totally stoked! This also means I got an A in the class, as all my grades on the assignments, etc. were A's! Yay!! So far, granted it's still really early on, but so far my goal for a 4.0 GPA s in tact and my future goal of an Ivy League Law School is still a possibility! Happy sigh of relief! My next class started today, and is called "Literature, Film and the American Dream" I can't wait!! But if I thought my first class was intense, I was sorely mistaken, as I have taken a lookie-lou at the syllabus for this class, and it is beyond intense. We're reading three novels and watching 6 movies in 7 weeks! Not to mention the required blog and discussion posts, as well as a "conceptual map' whatever that is, and a research project worth 50% of our grade. Sigh. Oh well, at least i'll have more time to devote to it now that I don't have to worry about my job anymore. Oh, wait I haven't gotten that far yet have I?

So, because I took off time, like two weeks due to my heart infection and then my hubs fall and consequent issues, I was told by my Manager, that since I have so much on my plate right now, I should take a break from work. This turned out to be her polite way of letting me go. At first I was highly annoyed, but then I realized everything happens for a reason, and once I saw the syllabus for my upcoming class, I new I needed more time than ever to devote to school.

I'll also have more time to dedicate to my volunteer activities. The AFTB Program Manager, Cat, is anxious to get me back to teach, citing that I'm one of their best as her reason, which does my self esteem good after the whole losing of my job ordeal. Additionally, Cat is also excited to get me more involved in AFAP which she is now also running. Lastly, it's getting close for me to make my first donation of crocheted items to hospitals and women's shelters. I had planned on doing that in the middle of October, but considering that time has come and gone seemingly in the blink of an eye, the middle of November is my new goal. In related news, I'm hoping to complete the Articles of Incorporation for my charity, With Love, by the end of the month, hopefully (they're tricky little devils to write!).

That's pretty much the meat and potatoes of the last couple of weeks. Oh, one more thing, in happy news, I finally got one of my financial aid checks, and am now the proud of owner of my very own MacBook Pro, otherwise known as my version of heaven! :) That's right, I almost forgot, speaking of all things tech-ie, I also got a new cell phone, the BlackBerry Storm! My hubs contract was up for renewal and since Alltel just officially became Verizon, we renewed his contract with them and they were running a special on BlackBerries, buy one, get one free, and so we did! See, not all that's happened to me has been bad! :)

Before I sign off, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all those who expressed their concern and well wishes for me while I've been gone. Your support was so very much appreciated at a time when it felt like everything was going wrong, receiving a thoughtful comment literally made my day, and helped renew my faith that not all humanity sucks. :) Thanks again! I seriously have the BEST followers in the blogosphere! :)

I just re-read over this post, so much for "abridged,! Stay tuned this week for more posts to come!

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